22 786
Farm Murders Since 2010
168 164
Attacks Since 2010
56 320 +
Forced into Exile each year
Darryl Richter

Darryl Richter stabbed to death

Darryl Richter(34) managed to mortally wound two attackers who stabbed him, before dying of those wounds.

Neil McKay murdered
Andries Niewoudt

No Santa for the Niewoudt family this Christmas

Andries Niewoudt fought bravely and gave his life to protect his wife from the callous attack that left the family without their dear Santa

Environmentalist Warren van der Vyver murdered while jogging

Warren van der Vyver general manager of Jozi Trails, a non-profit that aims to improve the safety of nature trails was murdered while jogging
Danie de Bruin

Farm attack at Bishopstowe ends with triple murder

Two farm workers butchered a Bishopstowe family to death and then set fire to the sugar cane fields of the farm. Another triple murder!
Poenkie Bisset

Poenkie Bisset stabbed in the neck on her way to town

Poenkie Bisset found lying next to her car. She had been stabbed in the neck and left for dead as she was about to leave for town.
Cramond Village

Elderly farmer Bill Theron was murdered at his farm gate

After a heavy rainstorm Bill Theron went outside to park his truck on his smallholding at Cramond. Moments later his wife found him murdered.
The murdered couple Takiyana April and Nontembiso April

Couple murdered at Draaifontein farm

Elderly couple murdered in a brutal attack on their farm at Draaifontein Beeste Kraal, at the Chris Hani District in the Eastern Cape.
Belinda Huyzers

Belinda Huyzers murdered and husband Jan hospitalised

Belinda Huyzers and her husband of twenty-five years Jan fell victim to a horrendous urban crime in which Belinda was killed and Jan wounded.
Joan Joyi

Joan Joyi strangled to death with a rope

Joan Joyi nee Carolissen in her eighties was assaulted and strangled to death with a rope in her Charleston Hill house in Paarl Western Cape.
Mpozana Khumalo

80-Year-old Black farmer tied to a tree and shot

Eighty-year-old black farmer was helping his son on their farm when attackers assaulted him, tied him to a tree and shot him without mercy
Len Preorius

Len Pretorius murdered at unsafe adventure camp

Len Pretorius was murdered in front of his recently married wife at Bushboys Adventure Camp near Roossenekal, northwest of Dullstroom
Anton Kleyn

Two men shot, Anton Kleyn killed on Smallholding

A smallholding at Mooiplaats were attacked. Anton Kleyn (61) and Aubrey du Plessis (45) were both shot while sleeping in their beds.
Prince Lethukuthula Zulu

Successor to the throne Prince Lethukuthula Zulu murdered

Prince Lethukuthula Zulu was murdered in his apartment at the upmarket Graceland complex in Northwold, Johannesburg.



This site contain images of real crime scenes, interviews with victims of torture and rape as well as their attackers. Graphic content and hate speech throughout may upset sensitive visitors. Please leave the website now, if you do not have an interest in Defending Human Rights or learning more about genocidal attacks.

"We live in fear. I have 2 young daughters. We don't feel safe anymore. What are my options? If things get any worse what can we do? I refuse to just sit back and fall victim to this genocide."

Desperate Mother

Identity Protected

"My brother was murdered in the road on the 1st of september. Up until now the police have not contacted us, nor visited or phoned us to investigate the murder"

Brother of Victim

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"My son and his family need to flee from South Africa and is in danger. He was pinned down to the floor with a gun pointed to his head. Someone give him a break over there please can anybody help me!"

Desperate Mother in UK

Identity Protected

"I am from SA and just want to say that our people are subjected to immense sufferings. You are constantly filled with fear and panic. My parents were attacked and my mother did not make it."

Daughter of Victim

Identity Protected

"I want to be part of this organization to help the people of South Africa. Whatever it takes to help the victims of murders and rape. No one deserves to be treated like this."


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"I was reading some of your stories and ... just felt so heart sore, even crying that it has come to this point that we all want to get out of the country."

Concerned Father

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  1. I am from SA and just want to say that our people are subjected to immense sufferings. You are constantly filled with fear and panic. We sleep with locked bedroom doors just to feel a bit safer when you sleep. My parents were attacked at night when they had supper. Four guys went through a solid window and hurt my parents very badly. My mother did not make it and my father turned into a scared pathetic person once he came out of the hospital. They broke both his knees, cut his tongue out and stabbed him all over his body. This is a wonderful country with great potential but unfortunately there are very bad people living here. I have no idea how we can safe this country from total destruction.
    Kind regards Linda

  2. There is so much murder and mayhem on a daily basis in SA. Its sickening and not a way of life at all. I have been trying every avenue for a year now to get my son out of this hell hole. He is only 19. I have been unemployed for over 2 years so cannot begin to afford this. Add to that the delapidated home affairs and its a recipe for disaster and hopelessness. Why is there no sponsors for young adults? I have made peace with my fate here. But it kills me to not be able to save my son. Every group that claims to offer assistance still require funds. I dont have funds. We live hand to mouth. Is anybody prepared to assist one young South African at a time to get out before they too become a statistic or will the world cry after thw fact like with Zim?