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This site contain images of real crime scenes, interviews with victims of torture and rape as well as their attackers. Graphic content and hate speech throughout may upset sensitive visitors. Please leave the website now, if you do not have an interest in Defending Christian Rights or learning more about genocidal attacks on Christians.

"We live in fear. I have 2 young daughters. We don't feel safe anymore. What are my options? If things get any worse what can we do? I refuse to just sit back and fall victim to this genocide."

Desperate Mother

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"My brother was murdered in the road on the 1st of september. Up until now the police have not contacted us, nor visited or phoned us to investigate the murder"

Brother of Victim

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"My son and his family need to flee from South Africa and is in danger. He was pinned down to the floor with a gun pointed to his head. Someone give him a break over there please can anybody help me!"

Desperate Mother in UK

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"I am from SA and just want to say that our people are subjected to immense sufferings. You are constantly filled with fear and panic. My parents were attacked and my mother did not make it."

Daughter of Victim

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"I want to be part of this organization to help the people of South Africa. Whatever it takes to help the victims of murders and rape. No one deserves to be treated like this."


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"I was reading some of your stories and ... just felt so heart sore, even crying that it has come to this point that we all want to get out of the country."

Concerned Father

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Catherine Irving the animal lover stabbed to death

Video Catherine Irving the animal lover stabbed to death

In most countries, animal lovers on a weekend, can look forward to outdoor fun. Not in South Africa. Catherine Irving was stabbed to death by terrorists.
Christian family ambushed enroute to Harmony gold mine

Christian family ambushed en route to Harmony gold mine

A young family had their union destroyed, when they were ambushed by terrorists, on their way to Harmony gold mine in Welkom. Martin Ackerman was killed instantly.
Babsie Cowley asphyxiated

Babsie Cowley asphyxiated to death at Capital Park

The terrorism in South Africa continue, with the faithfull being targeted by murderers. Babsie Cowley is the latest victim to be asphyxiated to death.
St George's Cathedral parishioner Pat Ellies was murdered

St George’s Cathedral parishioner Pat Ellies murdered

The terrorism in South Africa continue as St George's Cathedral parishioner Pat Ellies was murdered on Thursday morning in her home at Rondebosch.
Jb Strydom (44), the Brit murdered at the Menlyn Main Mall (Photo: Facebook)

Brit Murdered at Menlyn – Watch Video

In a country where 59 people are murdered every day, South Africans are seldom shocked. But a murder in broad daylight at Menlyn Maine, exhibit a barbaric new culture in the southern part of the Africa.
Michelle Pietersen (58) was killed with a rock

Michelle Pietersen killed with a rock – Watch the video

Michelle Pietersen was killed with a rock when terrorists launched the rock at their vehicle. The impact severed her neck. Watch video.
Gerrie Nel killed with his beloved dog

Gerrie Nel killed with his beloved dog

A marriage of forty five years was destroyed, when terrorists attacked a home in Centurion. Protecting their family, a desperate battle ensued, in which Gerrie Nel and his beloved dog was killed.
Vigil for Hans van Rooyen from Nigel

Hans van Rooyen from Nigel murdered

A beloved and respected businessman, Hans van Rooyen was attacked by terrorists, his hands and feet tied and brutally murdered at his home in Nigel.
Wolmaransstad slaughter of Van der Merwe family

Wolmaransstad slaughter of Van der Merwe family

Five terrorists worked a devious plan. Pretending to be customers and having planned the Wolmaransstad slaughter they executed Schalk van der Merwe and brutally assaulted his wife.
Boschkop family tortured

Boschkop family tortured and killed

Boschkop family tortured and killed, when four terrorists attacked their home on a smallholding 20 km East of Pretoria.

Durban Promenade Murder 48 Hours after opening

The Durban Promenade was opened as a tourist attraction on Saturday 16, 2019. Within 48 hours, the promenade would see its first Double Murder.
Addelaid Ferreira Watt killed in Court

Addelaid Ferreira Watt killed in Court

Addelaid Ferreira Watt a prominent advocate was killed when a loaded shotgun went off in court, she was wounded in the hip and later died in hospital.
Marikana massacre continuevideo

Marikana massacre continue

The Marikana massacre continues in South Africa, with NUM confirming that one organiser was murdered and a female witness beheaded.
Marie Woolrich collapsed and died of shock

Marie Woolrich collapsed and died of shock

An elderly couple from Pinetown Kwazulu Natal, was attacked by a group of terrorists. Traumatised and in fear, Marie Woolrich collapsed and died of shock.
Isabel van Coller murder on Camera

Isabel van Coller murder on Camera

Video released on Twitter of Isabel van Coller's brutal murder on camera, when she was attacked by four men in Bramley, Johannesburg.
Johnnie Marx murdered in Jeffreys Bay

Johnnie Marx suffocated with plastic bag

On Tuesday morning November 12, Johnnie Marx (79) a respected banker, was murdered at his retirement home in Jeffreys Bay.
Compuport Computers customer Murdered

Compuport Computers customer murdered

A customer of Compuport Computers, affectionately known as "Uncle Leon" was murdered in cold blood, and another customer wounded during an armed robbery.
Wesley Sweetnam

K-Way athlete Murdered

A 30-year-old K-Way athlete and owner of a pet grooming business was murdered at his home in Noordhoek, Cape Town, over the weekend.
Warrenton NG Church deaconess raped and murdered

Deaconess raped and murdered

The community of Warrenton in the Northern Cape, was plunged into mourning after a defenseless elderly lady and deaconess of the church, was raped and murdered in her home.
Dutch tourist Murder at Marloth Park

Dutch tourist Murder is third Double Murder this month

An elderly lady from the Netherlands, was one of the victims of the third double murder in South Africa in less than a month.

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  1. I am from SA and just want to say that our people are subjected to immense sufferings. You are constantly filled with fear and panic. We sleep with locked bedroom doors just to feel a bit safer when you sleep. My parents were attacked at night when they had supper. Four guys went through a solid window and hurt my parents very badly. My mother did not make it and my father turned into a scared pathetic person once he came out of the hospital. They broke both his knees, cut his tongue out and stabbed him all over his body. This is a wonderful country with great potential but unfortunately there are very bad people living here. I have no idea how we can safe this country from total destruction.
    Kind regards Linda

  2. There is so much murder and mayhem on a daily basis in SA. Its sickening and not a way of life at all. I have been trying every avenue for a year now to get my son out of this hell hole. He is only 19. I have been unemployed for over 2 years so cannot begin to afford this. Add to that the delapidated home affairs and its a recipe for disaster and hopelessness. Why is there no sponsors for young adults? I have made peace with my fate here. But it kills me to not be able to save my son. Every group that claims to offer assistance still require funds. I dont have funds. We live hand to mouth. Is anybody prepared to assist one young South African at a time to get out before they too become a statistic or will the world cry after thw fact like with Zim?