In a news conference, held by AfriForum, Nicky a respected business woman in Port Elizabeth and victim of a brutal attack, tells the heartbreaking story, of how her family were hunted like animals.

On a Friday evening March 23 2018, just after 8pm, Nicky and her children were getting ready for bed, on their farm in Hankey in the Gamtoos valley of the Eastern Cape. An attacker stormed their house, firing shots through a glass door and gained entry to her bedroom.

The attacker threatened to shoot one of the children and demanded access to the safe .

After that he proceeded to the living room, with the mother and the children and tied them up, with wire.

The attacker, then tried to force the 15-year-old boy, to have sexual intercourse with his mother. She pleaded for this not to happen and he instead took her to a bedroom, where he raped her.

The attacker then brought the 13-year-old girl, to her mother’s bedroom, where he attempted to rape her. The mother again pleaded and the attacker then raped Nicky again, this time in full view of her daughter.

After collecting items in the home, the attacker took Nicky, in her vehicle, to an ATM to withdraw cash.

This was the moment she managed to escape.

Nicky describes how they were hunted like animals, in this video:

According to a report by a local newspaper TimesLive, a previous employee on the farm, Sebenzile Simane, was arrested and found guilty on 17 counts, including two of rape and four of attempted murder, on June 7th 2019.

Sentencing Sebenzile Simane to 173 years for the crimes, acting judge Olav Ronaasen said, he found no compelling or substantial circumstances, to deviate from the minimum prescribed sentences.

Convicted criminal, Sebenzile Simane, has been jailed for life.
Convicted Criminal, Sebenzile Simane. Photo: Eugene Coetzee

Nicky and her family from Port Elizabeth who were Hunted Like Animals, join the thousands of people being persecuted in South Africa.

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