When politicians lie – people pay with their lives

On March 18, 2019, President Donald Trump brought attention to the Land Expropriation issue, and the plight of a persecuted minority in South Africa, with a tweet.

Asking Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, to closely study South African “land and farm seizures” and ‘the large scale killing of farmers”, prompting the ANC in Pretoria to accuse Mr. Trump of stoking racial division.

Land Expropriation
President Donald Trump’s Tweet on South Africa

Land Expropriation

Shortly after the tweet, a number of US officials visited South Africa at the request of President Donald Trump, as part of an investigation into the country’s land expropriation process.

The US delegation – including Deputy Secretary of State John J. Sullivan, and the US deputy ambassador to South Africa Jessye Lapenn – met with AgriSA, Grain SA, and ANC government officials, to discuss how the land expropriation process may impact property rights in the country.

Amendments to the law, if ratified will allow the government to expropriate property, without compensation.

The delegation also discussed the high rate of farm murders in the country, with AgriSA a farmers union asking the US government to intervene to help prevent land grabs in the country.

In the meeting, AgriSA highlighted the recently released list of land expropriation targets in the Northern Cape and warned that the ANC would bring about an “economic catastrophe” if it planned to expropriate farms, that were an essential part of the South African economy.

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Dolus Specialis

Shortly after the 2019 elections, the new president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa made headline news, when he emphatically denied any killings of farmers or boers. Whether this is a case of dolus specialis or special intent, within the definition of genocide remains to be proven. But undoubtedly this kind of willful ignorance and misinformation, will encourage perpetrators of hate crime.

Countless families will pay in blood for these lies.

Cyril Ramaphosa - The Lying President
Cyril Ramaphosa – The Lying President

Hopes for sanity to prevail, again flared up in November 2019, when President Trump appointed his Mar-a-Lago country club member and fashion guru Lana Marks as his new Ambassador in South Africa.

Lana Marks is known as a designer of high end handbags and the CEO of the Lana Marks fashion brand, with stores in Palm Beach, New York and Beverly Hills,

Upon arrival, Lana set course on a grand tour of South Africa, visiting the Apartheid Museum in Soweto, meeting with Royalty in Durban and tiptoeing on media around the real issues, of wide scale discrimination and persecution of Christian minority groups.

Ambassador Lana Marks

Some followers on Twitter did not take kindly to this:

“Get any handbag sales?” asks one follower.

“Lana go home!” sais another.

The worst of the comments being promptly deleted, by the new Ambassador

Life in South Africa is very remote from the fashionable Mar-a-Lago existence she enjoyed before.