Youngsters Murdered in Benoni: A young couple, was travelling from a farm in Kendal when their pickup truck ran out fuel. Minutes before help arrived, they were both killed in an unprovoked double murder.

On Sunday May 26 at around 12:30 pm, Johanco Fleischmann (19) and Jessica Kuhn (21) was murdered, when their pickup truck ran out fuel at Putfontein bridge, in the suburb of Benoni. The couple phoned a family friend to bring extra fuel. Help was just five minutes away, when the young couple was attacked and shot dead by four men.

According to a local newspaper the Benoni City Times, who interviewed a private investigator, hired by the victims families, Jessica waited in the vehicle. While Johanco was outside the vehicle, talking to the workers they had been transporting.

The attackers, who were watching the young couple for a while, then approached the vehicle.

One attacker said: “Mlungu”, which means white man, and started shooting.

Johanco was shot in the head and upper body. Next the attackers turned on the 21 year old girl, waiting in the vehicle and shot Jessica Kuhn, in cold blood.

The workers that the couple had been transporting were not shot.

Fourteen 9mm cartridges were later found at the crime scene.

The youngsters that were murdered in Benoni

The Youngsters Murdered in Benoni Johanco Fleischmann (19) and Jessica Kuhn (21).
The Youngsters Murdered in Benoni Johanco Fleischmann (19) and Jessica Kuhn (21). Photo: Facebook

Shortly after the double murder friends and family posted on social media:

“May God be with your friends and family, and hold them tight in the difficult times! What happened to you makes me very angry! Our hearts are breaking” – said one comment.

“It’s very hard to understand everything, why people are so sick, why is South Africa such a mess, why our government can’t think, why are innocent people hurt and taken away? Well God knows and we don’t …..” sais another.

A recent comment from Jessica’s mother, reads “It is so bad that our kids just got taken away from us. But the worst of it all is that we just haven’t heard anything from the police or the case. Our hearts are broken and it’s just as if they don’t care,”

No arrests have yet been made.

Johanco and Jessica from Petit, join the thousands of people slaughtered in South Africa.

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