Tied up in the kitchen of their farmhouse, a Christian couple was found murdered in Boshof.  Sergeant Wendy Nkabi, from the South African police said “An investigation is taking place to establish what happened. Only one vehicle belonging to the deceased was stolen and no suspects have yet been arrested,”

On Friday afternoon of July 12, around 5pm, Isak Johannes Jacobus van den Berg (67) aka Sakkie, left the farm to take some workers to town. On their way, he noticed some strangers walking down the road and asked his worker if they knew the strangers. His workers did not recognise the strangers.

Returning to the farm by himself a while later, six strangers, waiting for him at the farm gate, attacked and managed to overpower Sakkie in his vehicle.

They then accompanied Sakkie to the farmhouse, where his wife Ina Ockenlina (61),  was waiting her husband’s return.

The couple was then forced into the kitchen, tied up and brutally murdered.

On the Saturday morning, the couple found murdered was identified by a neighbour, after a worker who Sakkie was suppose to pick up, raised the alarm.

Police spokesperson Sergeant Wendy Nkabi confirmed, that five suspects were arrested, on the following Wednesday, in connection with the murder. “The five suspects, aged between 30 and 40 years, will appear in the Boshoff Magistrate’s Court soon. During the search, the police discovered a firearm,” Nkabi said.

Family and friends took to social media to vent their outrage at the tragedy.

“May the perpetrators of this barbaric crime be found and punished harshly” said one comment.

“The blood of the innocent is crying out for vengeance unto God. May their souls rest in peace. The ANC need to make a plan. The killings of white farmers in South Africa is getting out off hand” said another.

Court Case

As a family, we want to ask if you are in or near Bloemfontein to go to the courthouse to protest against farm murders!!

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The court case of the accused of the murder of my beloved family, Sakkie and Ina van den Berg starts on Monday the 24th of August at 09:00 in the Bloemfontein court.

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