A farmer and his wife were found murdered on their farm Blouboswes in Boshof.  The murdered couple was identified by a neighbour, after a worker who the farmer was supposed to pick up, raised the alarm.  Boshof is located 55 km north-east of Kimberley in the Free State.

On Friday afternoon of July 12, around 5pm, Isak Johannes Jacobus van den Berg (67) aka Sakkie, left his farm to take some workers to town. On the way he noticed some strangers walking down the road and asked his employee if they knew the strangers. The worker did not recognise the strangers.

Returning to the farm by himself a while later, six strangers, waited for him at the farm gate, attacked and managed to overpower Sakkie in his vehicle.

They then forced Sakkie to the farmhouse, where his wife Ina Ockenlina (62), was awaiting her husband’s return. Sakkie’s mouth and neck were tied shut with his underwear and his half-naked body left in the master bedroom.

The body of Ina was found barefoot and tied up next to a freezer in the kitchen. Not far from her, a knife was found on the stove.

Her husband’s body was found with his pants pulled down to his feet in the door of the master bedroom. He had a wound in his side and a bullet was found next to him, Mitani testified before judge Celéste Reinders about the attack.

At the farm gate, police found part of his dentures, blood, a piece of a glove and footprints. A part of his underwear was also found at the gate, Const. Cebe Mitani, a fingerprint expert from the police testified in the high court in Bloemfontein.

Family and friends took to social media to vent their outrage at the tragedy.

“May the perpetrators of this barbaric crime be found and punished harshly” said one comment.

“The blood of the innocent is crying out for vengeance unto God. May their souls rest in peace. The ANC need to make a plan. The killings of white farmers in South Africa is getting out off-hand” said another.

Court Case in Bloemfontein

As a family, we want to ask if you are in or near Bloemfontein to go to the courthouse to protest against farm murders!!

Posted on Facebook by Elizma Myburgh

Graphic photos of the bodies were shown in court on Wednesday 2 December 2020. Their faces were bloodied and unrecognizable.

Const. Cebe Mitani took the photos and fingerprints at the farmhouse, as well as on the couple’s double cabin Ford Ranger which was later found abandoned along the Caledon River.

Photo Kaydene Davids Network 24

The accused, Johannes Sekgoro (41), Leepile Daniel Sidasi (44), Daniel Tsekiso Seloane (26) and Thami Terence Kat (35), looked closely at the photos.

Mitani testified that he took several fingerprints and that Sekgoro’s right-hand palm matched that of the imprint found on the steering wheel of the couple’s pickup truck.

Source: Network 24

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