You are not alone

Liberty, Equality and Fraternity is the right of every Christian. Christians like any other faith, have the right to FEEL SAFE, the right to EDUCATION, the right to HEALTH CARE and the right to be EMPLOYED.

Bridging the divide between countries, we help SECURE these rights for our fellow Christians, in their home country OR in a country that will receive them with warm hearts and open arms.

Who we are

We are not a political organisation, our support base run the spectrum of right and left wing politics. We are a Christian organisation and defend Christian rights to Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Wherever Christians are ostracized, persecuted, displaced or oppressed we will act in their defense, within our means.

Our current focus is on South Africa where Christians are subjected to severe hate crime, to the extent that hundreds of thousands of Christians have been and still are being forced to abandon their country under duress of rape, torture and murder, subjected to racist government policies and crimes against humanity practiced against them with impunity, leaving these minority groups vulnerable, and at risk of existential threat, and without the protection of the South African government.

We speak out for the victims of the Marikana massacre, where over 47 Christians were slaughtered, without a single arrest or a single government official held accountable, and with none of the victims having been compensated, since 2012.

We speak out for Christian families such as the Pietersen family, victims of senseless hate crime.

We speak out against the widespread use of plastic bags to suffocate and murder the elderly.

We speak out against gangsters and widespread terrorist attacks on defenseless women.

We speak out against people being tortured and babies being murdered

And we also speak and act against those that incite hate crime and genocide

We fight against the persecution of Christians in the modern era.

What we do

We focus on political analysis, investigative reporting and statistical data that keep the Free World informed on the existential threat to Christians. We seek to educate, encourage transparency and accountability from those who conveniently and readily dismiss the rape, torture, murder and economic deprivation of thousands of human beings as right wing conspiracies.

Our current strategy focus upon the following areas:

  • Discourse: Keeping the discourse air-borne by engaging our readership, encouraging debate, aggregating facts that debunk misinformation and shine the spotlight on imminent disasters that is being ignored by mainstream media.
  • Facts: Provide a central repository for the body of evidence that reflect the true nature and real time extent of the leading causes for the crimes and atrocities committed against defenseless and voiceless minorities.
  • Relief: Support efforts to humanitarian relief, economic relief and provide critical resources to the victims and their families to seek remedy from oppressive governments at appropriate International Tribunals.

Part of the mandate of WCSTG Foundation, include filing our reports with U.S. State Departments under the Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act of 2018.

In addition under International law, the WCSTG Foundation, provide dossiers to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), and help seek remedy and compensation for the victims, as well as seek prosecution to the full extend of the law for known advocates of hate crime and offenders of “Mala in Se” under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

Our dossier on crimes against humanity in South Africa include establishing Mens Rea (knowledge that one’s action or lack of action would cause a crime to be committed) and Dolus Specialis (the intent, knowledge, recklessness, or negligence elements of genocide):

Why Volunteer

  • We cannot do this without empirical evidence.
  • Without facts, we can not expedite relief to the ostracised.
  • Without facts, we cannot seek justice and compensation for the victims.
  • Without facts we can not stand up to lying politicians, or support International Tribunals.
  • Without facts we cannot expose mainstream media or repudiate claims that dismiss atrocities, as normal crime.

You can make a difference – volunteer your skills today.


In order to achieve our goals in each of these areas we develop and model effective philanthropy by individual donors, faith based communities and humanitarian organisations that seek to work towards sustainable and long term solutions for our Christian brothers and sisters.

We proactively seek out funding opportunities and donations that expedite emergency relief, construct real solutions and ensure a speedy end to the needless suffering of our fellow Christians isolated from all that is dear and precious about our Judeo-Christian values and Western culture.

Contact Us

This website is published by the WCSTG Foundation based in Houston, Texas. Published content is sourced directly from bureaus in the United States, United Kingdom and South Africa, consisting of volunteer reporters, journalists and data fellows.

Feel free to contact us with any enquiries.

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  1. Please delete my previous messages, the link I think, is wrong, it should be a lefighter wale eff page which incites hatred to whites in SA, and I tried to enclose a recent post calling for ‘a visit’ to a white farmer with his photo and the comments calling for an attack on him. Please protect South African farmers.