Liberty, Equality and Fraternity is the right of every Christian. We fight against the persecution of Christians in the modern era. All Christians have the right to FEEL SAFE, the right to EDUCATION, the right to HEALTH CARE and the right to be EMPLOYED.

Bridging the divide between countries, we SECURE these rights for Christians, in their home country OR in a country that will receive them with warm hearts and open arms.

Embracing Western Culture and Judeo-Christian Values

This website is published by the We Can Stop The Genocide Foundation(WCSTG) based in Houston, Texas. The content and data published on this website is sourced directly from our News Bureaus in the United States of America and South Africa, consisting of volunteer reporters, journalists and data fellows.

We focus on political analysis, investigative reporting and statistical data that keep the Free World informed on the potential threat to Christians. We seek to educate, encourage transparency and accountability from those who conveniently and readily dismiss the torture, murder and economic deprivation of thousands of human beings as just another right wing conspiracy.

Our current strategy focus upon the following areas:

  • Discourse: Keeping the discourse air-borne by engaging our readership, encouraging debate, aggregating facts that debunk misinformation and shine the spotlight on an imminent disaster that is largely ignored by mainstream media.
  • Facts: Provide a central repository of data collection that reflect the true nature and real time extent of the leading causes for the crimes and atrocities committed against a defenseless and voiceless minority.
  • Relief: Support efforts to increase access to information, humanitarian relief, economic opportunities and provide critical resources to the victims and their families through a network of volunteers, investigative and legal bodies.
  • Justice: Calling on the United Nations to exercise universal jurisdiction over humanitarian crimes under international law.

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How we achieve Liberty, Equality and Fraternity

In order to achieve our goals in each of these areas we develop and model effective philanthropy by individual donors, faith based communities and humanitarian organisations that seek to work towards sustainable and long term solutions for our Christian brothers and sisters.

We proactively seek out funding opportunities and donations that expedite emergency relief, construct real solutions and ensure a speedy end to the needless suffering of our fellow Christians isolated from all that is dear and precious about our Judeo-Christian values and Western culture.

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  1. Please delete my previous messages, the link I think, is wrong, it should be a lefighter wale eff page which incites hatred to whites in SA, and I tried to enclose a recent post calling for ‘a visit’ to a white farmer with his photo and the comments calling for an attack on him. Please protect South African farmers.