How many people must die each year, before it is classified as a genocide? 100 per year? 1000 per year or 10 000 perhaps. A very subjective question, until one of the victims is someone you know. Or perhaps even you. And you just become a crime statistic or a white cross on some hill.

Sure one could try and explain this away as just another conspiracy.

Let’s face it this would be an easy task, because it affects people you have never met, perhaps thousands of miles away, on the other side of the world.

It does not affect you – so why care?

But please consider this.

Name a single genocide that was identified by experts and then prevented in time with appropriate counter measures.

History teaches, that the very nature of genocide, especially in cases of systematic genocide, that the atrocity will only be recognized for what it was, after the fact.

On which side of caution should moral action be?

Reckless disregard of loss of life until it is too late.


Should we not be cautious, very cautious in fact, when we consider these things, and when we attempt to predict the future or make claims about the existential threat to minorities?

Consider a president such as Cyril Ramaphosa – a self proclaimed Christian – denying any loss of life under his watch.

Watch Video:

Now consider this.

How comfortable would your life be if this was your neighbour?

Our Happy Neighbour

He woke up this morning and is extremely excited because his socialist party leader delivered an impressive speech that promised him that the only thing preventing heaven from endowing him with untold gifts:


If you imagine that this kind of neighbour would make you feel just a bit uncomfortable, then wait until you meet his friends.

They are singing, dancing and celebrating the plans they have for you and your family.

Now imagine this was your mother, your father or your child.

Perhaps even you.

Does this look or feel like a conspiracy?

Perhaps all of these photos are fake?

Victim attacked and stoned to death

Perhaps this video is fake?

If you really believe this then please try and explain this to Annette Kennealy’s family.

She was murdered only a couple of months ago:

We will not forget Annette Kennealy

How about this video, from a few weeks ago – fake as well?

Just imagine if this was your father or brother?

Is it moral? To dismiss, thousands of murders of an ethnic minority, as just a Right Wing Conspiracy?

Thousands of people murdered, raped and tortured

Visit the memorial for Systematic Genocide