On Wednesday August 21, 2019, a young lady was peacefully asleep, when she was stabbed in her left eye, and presumably died instantly. Lynette Volschenk (32) was beheaded and a hacksaw used, to severe both her legs and arms, from her body.

Francois le Roux, the brother-in-law of Lynette said:

“She was pulled out of our lives in a very horrific way. It wasn’t just a crime, it was violence.”

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Lynette’s brother in Law, François le Roux (Source: Facebook)

Francois is a sales coach and is married to Lynette’s sister, Chrystal.

According to sources, police are investigating the possibility of the attacker watching Lynette, for more than two weeks, before the murder.

The suspect was seen regularly, on the 12th floor of the Seesig apartment building, where he could watch the front door of her apartment in Bellville.

Bellville is a suburb of the City of Cape Town, in South Africa.

The Seesig building where Lynette Volschenk was murdered.
The Seesig building where Lynette Volschenk was murdered. (Source: Google Maps)

It is alleged, the murderer used a Bible, and pretended to want to gift it to Lynette. This gave him an opportunity, to learn how to gain access to her apartment.

The Bible was found the day her body was discovered.

It is believed Lynette’s body, was cut into pieces with a hacksaw and knife.

It is alleged, the murderer bought the items at a hardware store, in Bellville a week before.

Her stomach, was also cut into pieces.

Her body parts, were then allegedly taken in a blue container, with a white plastic cover, from her apartment, to the suspect’s apartment in the same building.

A source at the scene said, parts of Lynette’s body were found in garbage bags, at various places in the building. Police also allegedly confiscated bloody towels, on the ground floor, presumably used to wipe her blood.

According to CCTV footage, the murderer walked about half a kilometer with the victim’s head, the next morning.

He had wrapped the head in a plastic shopping bag, and hid it in some bushes, at Bate Street in Bellville.

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Arrests made for Lynette Volschenk that was beheaded

When Lynette, did not show up at the engineering firm, where she worked as a draftsperson, on the Thursday morning, her colleagues went looking.

They found the murderer on the scene, trying to clean the bloodied apartment. He was wearing rubber gloves, and told her colleagues that she had hired him, to clean her apartment.

The murderer was identified as Kyle Ruiters (21) and arrested by the police.

Lynette Volschenk was beheaded.
The accused Kyle Ruiters first appearance in Bellville Magistrate’s Court. (Photo: Jaco Marais)

List of future victims.

A source confirmed, at the Magistrate’s Court where Ruiters appeared, on a charge of murder, that a list of names was found in his apartment. A parcel for delivery to one of his future victim’s, was also found in the apartment.

Lynette Volschenk from Bellville, join the thousands of people slaughtered in South Africa.

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