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White Cross Monument – Systematic Genocide

Christians from across the country, gathered at the White Cross Monument
Christians from across the country, gathered at the White Cross Monument
When politicians lie – people pay with their lives.
What is the White Cross Monument?

The White Cross Monument is a memorial site for victims that were raped, tortured and murdered in South Africa over the past 18 years. The monument is unique in the world as it grows annually, with more crosses being added each year, to commemorate the latest victims of Systematic Genocide.

Is the site a recognised Monument?

The monument is not registered under the terms of the National Monuments Act of 1969. The government of South Africa and in particularly the current president Cyril Ramaphosa, denies its existence and do not recognise incidents of “Boers”, “Farmers” or Europeans being murdered.

Is the Monument a Heritage Site?

In an interview with the Heritage Foundation, spokesperson Cecilia Kruger encouraged the preservation of the White Cross Monument, but excluded the possibility of the monument being supported by the Heritage Foundation because of lack of funding and jurisdiction.

Where is the White Cross Monument?

The monument is located on a hillside at Ysterberg, just outside Mokopane. It can be found on the road between Potgietersrus and Pietersburg, in Mpumalanga South Africa.

How many Crosses are at the Monument?

So far over 4000 crosses have been erected at the monument, by families and friends of the victims. Many of the crosses are arranged in a pattern, to form a large white cross giving the landscape its name. The number of crosses represents only a small fraction of the people that were murdered. Estimates of the actual number of people murdered vary with some as high as 70 000. Every year more and more crosses are added.

When is the next Memorial Day?

Take a day trip to the Whitecross Monument on Saturday 19 September 2020. Join popular musicians Steve Hofmeyr, Danie van der Westhuizen, and other Afrikaans artists and show your solidarity to the families and friends of the victims of hate crime in South Africa.

How much does it cost to visit the Monument?

Entrance is free, consider making a donation to the curator – Lita Fourie.

Who is the curator of the Monument?

The curator is Lita Cross Fourie. For the past 18 years, she has organised and managed the upkeep of the monument.

Map to White Cross Monument


2019 showed a heart wrenching decline, in attendance.

On September 6 2019, people gather at the White Cross Monument, to mourn the tragic loss of their loved ones. Men, women and children that were raped, tortured and brutally slaughtered.

As new crosses, were added to decorate the hillside, this little boy caught the eye of our volunteer photographer.

A little boy kneels behind a White Cross at the White Cross Monument. One of thousands commemorating the slaughtered people of South Africa. Photo: Volunteer 7/9/2019

This White Cross is that of Janus Powell. On the evening of the 20 April 2019, Janus was murdered on his farm between Hopetown and Bloemhof. Only 37 years old, he was murdered in front of his parents, Antoon and Tharina Powell and his wife, Anemie.

Less than six months ago , Little JJ (3), was asleep in their house. When he woke up. It would be in a terrible new world. One in which his father, had just been gunned down in cold blood. Janus Powell’s cross, now joins the thousands of murdered people in South Africa.

Next to the little boy, our photographer noticed a little girl, about 7 years old, hugging a White Cross with the words “Pappa Kallie”. Pappa means daddy in Afrikaans. The scene is tragic beyond words, as more crosses join the thousands of White Crosses on display, transforming the landscape at the White Cross Monument into a War like Cemetery.

The monument is an exhibit of the systematic genocide of a Minority, while the world watches in Silence.

A child hugging her murdered father's cross
A child hugging her murdered father’s White Cross at the White Cross Monument. Photo: Volunteer 7/9/2019

For the victimised minority of people, the White Cross Monument will forever be, the legacy of the failing democracy, called South Africa. The monument represent, the failure of every voter in South Africa, that keep corrupt and bloodlust politicians in power.

Evidence of Government and Mainstream Media Corruption

In South Africa, minority groups are particularly targeted, by hate crime and economic discrimination, encouraged by political leaders with communist ideologies, leading to large scale hardship and involuntary displacement of people.

Despite a mountain of evidence – the plight of minorities is hardly mentioned in the media.

The White Cross Monument serves as real world evidence of a Systematic Genocide, while the world watch in silence.

Victim Database

For a list of names, dates and circumstances of the murders view our Genocide database.

Genocide Statistics

Read our statistical report on the Systematic Genocide in South Africa.

Warning Graphic Content

This site contain images of real crime scenes, interviews with victims of torture and rape as well as their attackers. Graphic content and hate speech throughout, may upset sensitive visitors. Please leave the website now, if you do not have an earnest intend, to learn more, about genocidal attacks.

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About the Curator of the White Cross Monument

The self appointed curator of the monument, is Lita Cross Fourie. For the past 18 years, this lady has organised and alone carry the financial burden, for the upkeep of the monument.  This “annual day of remembrance” can only be commemorated, because of Lita’s determination and her selfless commitment to maintain the monument.

The White Cross Monument, is the only one of its kind. “It belongs to the people of South Africa.” sais Lita. Lita’s commitment to this cause, comes from a deep personal loss, after her own parents was murdered. To support Lita and contribute towards the costs of the monument, please make a donation.

Interview with Lita Fourie August 2020