One of the lies often perpetuated by the South African government is that torture, rape and murder is just part of everyday life in South Africa. It’s just normal crime they claim.

The truth is Christians are murdered on a continuous basis and not a single week goes by without especially elderly people being brutally attacked or murdered. These attacks are nothing but horrifying. The torture, blood lust and slaughter left behind at the murder scenes and the viciousness of these killers can only be equalled to the carnage and brutality of Systematic Genocide.

Despite heroic actions by activists from all parts of the world, that are expose these atrocities for what they are, the silent massacre of Christians go unchallenged by the international community.

The South African Media, also keep a tight lid on the atrocities, committed by these thugs, against innocent Christians.

Why? Because it’s just normal crime – they say.

In their call to arms politicians now replace the words “Kill” with “Kiss” after this was ruled hate speech in Supreme Court.

Source: Lauren Southern – Independent Canadian Reporter

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