The Daspoort tunnel in Pretoria West, connecting the suburbs of Claremont and Danville, was the scene of a brutal attack on a woman, who died a while later from her wounds.

On Tuesday morning September 3, residents from Danville discovered the severely beaten Barbra Joubert. They contacted emergency services and had Barbra taken to hospital. Only to learn on the Thursday, September 5, that she had passed away.

“We were on our way from Danville when we saw the woman by the side of the road in front of the tunnel,” said Charmaine Botha.

She and her husband, Nico, were in the car when they stopped to look.

I initially thought it was a man by the way she was beaten,” she said.

Daspoort tunnel
Daspoort tunnel Photo: Facebook

Botha said she phoned all the emergency services from the scene.

“I stayed with her until the ambulance arrived at the scene,” she said.

“They took her to Pretoria West hospital.”

She said she visited the woman later that day at 3pm.

“I placed my hand on her forehead and she mumbled something – I think she was still in shock over what happened,” she said.

On Thursday morning, Botha received a call from the hospital, informing her of the Barbra’s death.

For a few days authorities had trouble identifying the victim. Barbra Joubert was later identified by her sister, Trudy Nagel.

The family thanked everyone who assisted them to track down and identify Barbra Joubert.

A memorial service was held at the Rebecca Street Crematorium, a week later according to Suzette van der Schyff, the victim’s cousin.

Arrests Made for the Daspoort tunnel murder

No arrests have been made.

Barbra Joubert from Pretoria West, join the thousands of people slaughtered in South Africa.

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