Chaos, anarchy and hate is a frequent exhibit in the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa. It takes very little for the ingroup to demonstrate their willingness to murder and destroy the lives of the outgroup. But can what we observe, really be called Xenophobia?

Xenophobia is described as a deep-rooted fear of foreigners, but is it fear that we observe?

or just cold blooded hatred…

The most common solution proposed to deal with xenophobia is to simply expel immigrants, research by the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) found. Xenophobia, the study shows, is part of a broader problem of prejudice in South African society.

“Prejudice towards immigrants are also linked to other types of prejudice. People who dislike foreigners also tend to have strong views about other races for example.” explains Dr Steven Gordon, who presented the HSRC findings.

Rampant Xenophobia

Clearly foreigners of any race, class or gender are no longer welcome in South Africa.

Political leaders such as Julius Malema simply solve the crisis by changing the narrative from Xenophobia to Europhobia. Blaming everything that is wrong with South Africa on Western capitalism.

Strangely he is happy to do so having a European Name, with an European education, speaking an European language, using European technology, wearing European fashion and clothes, driving an European car, bought with European currency and probably funded by European banking.

In the ultimate hypocrisy, Julius Malema find it convenient to employ all the magnificent concepts from the West such as the judiciary, democracy and freedom of the press, to air and sell his communist views that oppose Western values and European culture.

He loves all the benefits of the West – but just not those from the West – the Europeans.

Xenophobia converted to Europhobia

Julius Malema is listed and monitored at Genocide Watch.

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