An Israeli woman was gang raped at a lodge at Graskop in Mpumalanga over the weekend. Two of her friends on holiday with her at the resort were robbed.

A police spokesman said “The gang attacked the tourists and then demanded that they strip their clothes. The Israeli woman was gang raped and the criminals then fled, robbing the tourists from their personal belongings.”

In a follow up interview with the police this morning, spokesperson Captain Mashele said “The attack happened at Valley View Backpackers.”

The spokesperson confirmed the police haven’t arrested anyone yet.

Captain Mashele said “The tourists knew their attackers or made friends with them before.”

Captain Mashele further advised “Tourists should not try to make friends with the locals and rather stick with their own groups and friends, because criminals are everywhere. Tourists think they are friendly and reach out to local people and then there may be a criminal intent.”

The police offered the following warning to tourists
A warning to tourists from the police

Bizarre response from the Police

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REDACTED: An image of the wrong lodge was published earlier. After being contacted by the lodge owner, the image was removed by the Editor. We appreciate all information that improve the accuracy of our reports.

This innocent Tourist, joins the thousands of victims in South Africa.

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