Who is Ace Magashule?

Ace Magashule is the Secretary-General of the ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC) in South Africa. Investigated many times for corruption, he lavishly spends Millions of government funds on his private home and cars. In a recent case of nepotism, he ensured his family secured contracts worth millions for Covid19 related goods and services.

Where was Ace Magashule born?

Magashule was born in 1959 in Parys, in the Province of The Orange Free State, South Africa.

What does Magashule mean?

Magashule means break free in Xhosa. Magashule’s real names are Elias, a name from the Afrikaans Bible and Sekgobelo, a Xhosa word that means “Curtain” in English.

Is Ace Magashule Corrupt?

In a recent inquiry into corruption, former Free State economic development MEC Mxolisi Dukwana, testified “Ace Magashule is not fit for office”. Dukwana told Justice Zondo, “Magashule and all those who allegedly aided and abetted the heist should be behind bars.”

Is Ace Magashule a Criminal?

Magashule was arrested for High Treason in 1982 and has been investigated many times by journalists for corruption and money laundering. However, as the Premier of the Free State, and Secretary General of the ANC, he is unlikely to be prosecuted by a corrupt South African government.

Is Ace Magashule a Racist?

He advocates racism and is known for his anti Christian, anti Western and anti American sentiments. While Magashule enjoys all the benefits of European and Western culture such as his name, his cars, clothing, jewelry, sport, technology, education, language, judiciary, democracy, currency and property, he advocates anti Capitalism ideologies amongst his ANC supporters. Magashule is rarely condemned for his hate speech by members of the ANC.

Who are the Ace Magashule supporters?

His main support base are members of the ANC from the Free State province.

Why is Ace Magashule on our Watch List?

Magashule is being monitored for his role in crimes against humanity.

Amid Xenophobic attacks and ongoing violence directed at foreigners, Magashule, in a speech in Durban, reminded his audience that blacks are not the only foreigners in the country. In his speech he makes references to those with “whitish color that you don’t know about”. Supposedly Europeans and tourists.  [00:25].

“They are there, you see them all time but you can’t say this one lekwerekwere, this one comes from somewhere else. They are here in this country. They have never been attacked and they are so-called foreigners because their colour is white” Magashule said. 

The word lekwerekwere is a Xhosa word for unwelcome alien.

Introducing his allies as Brazil, China and Russia he continues “…with Africa united – you will never go to IMF, you will never beg the US” [01:40]

Genocide Watch

Doctor Gregory Stanton, the founder of Genocide Watch and respected academic on the subject of genocide, has been monitoring South Africa since 2002. Describing the eight stages of genocide, in a South African context, at a lecture in Johannesburg, Dr. Stanton who regularly reports to the U.S. Atrocities Prevention Board attributes the dehumanization of minorities, to the African National Congress charter, dehumanizing Europeans as “Settlers“.

Watch video of Dr. Stanton discussing the effect of hate speech in Genocide.

Dr. Stanton also attributes the hate crime in South Africa, on politicians such as Ace Magashule, that incite violence and racial tension through hate speech.