The body of an 83-year-old woman was found in her apartment at a church retirement home in Schweizer-Reneke, North West on Sunday morning. Jeanette van Wyk was strangled to death.

“Jeanette’s home was connected to a community radio system, but by Sunday morning 8am when no response was heard from her and an investigation was conducted.” said Lon Seyffert the manager of the Silver Years Home for Senior Citizens.

Police spokesman Sam Tselanyane said, “Her body was found on the floor of her apartment. The apartment was in chaos and a window was broken to gain access.”

There were blood around her mouth and it appears that she was strangled to death.

The killer(s) packed a bag full of groceries, but was apparently scared off by something as they fled without the bag, but did steal Jeanette’s cellphone.

Why was Jeanette van Wyk strangled to death? A vulnerable elderly person trusting the safety of her church.

Her life was taken for a cellphone.

According to Seyffert, the palisade fence around the home was broken open to gain access to the premises. A number of indications raise the suspicion that more than one attacker was involved.

Seyffert said residents of the home were severely traumatized after the murder. Nearly 100 elderly people are housed at the retirement home managed by the Dutch Reformed Church.

Jeanette van Wyk, from Schweizer-Reneke, joins the thousands of people being slaughtered in South Africa.

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