An elderly lady was murdered in Bethlehem and then her body was dumped at the Uthopia graveyard.

Miemie Frost’s body was found in a graveyard, in Bethlehem, a small town in the Free State, following a widespread search.

Miemie, who was 72 years old, lived alone on her farm called Tamboekiesbank, just outside the town.

When someone was noticed, refueling her car at a gas station, in the early hours of the morning, several people including the police, rushed to her farm to investigate. Her firearm was found outside the house but she was missing.

A search and rescue operation, was put together and eventually her body was discovered, several hours later, dumped at the Utopia cemetery just outside of Bethlehem.

Miemie Frost had wounds to her head, where the attacker had hit her with a blunt object and she was already dead by the time she was found.

A forty year old farm worker was arrested.

Miemie also affectionately known as Tannie Frost, is survived by her two daughters, both living in the Free State.

Miemie Frost from Bethlehem, now join the thousands of people being slaughtered in South Africa.

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