During a recent incident, where an Israeli woman was gang raped and her friends robbed. Our source in South Africa, interviewed the spokesperson of the South African Police Services. The police offered the following warning to tourists.

The spokesperson, who identified herself as Captain Mashele said in a telephone interview “Tourists should not try to make friends with the locals and rather stick with their own groups and friends, because criminals are everywhere. Tourists think they are friendly and reach out to local people and then there may be a criminal intent.”

The warning to tourists are clear:

Criminals are everywhere – you are not safe in South Africa.

Criminal Intent – local people cannot be trusted.

Should you be gang raped – the police consider it to be your own fault, for befriending locals.

The warning to tourists, include the ominous advice, to rather stick with your own groups and friends. Within this context, the logic is dumbfounding, should you decide to heed the warning. And as if the advice, was offered on every brochure and website that advocate South African hospitality.

Why bother to visit South Africa in the first place?

Rather stay home, where the locals can be trusted.

A strange strategy from the police, responsible for protecting the tourists and considering, that the tourism industry contribute, over 1.5 million jobs to the South Africa’s economy.

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