Will the genocidal attacks and murders for September 2019, just be another statistic, in such a violent country as South Africa?

With continued reports of Farm Attacks and Farm Murders, flooding our newsroom, the statistics of these atrocities so far for 2019 is shocking. The numbers are staggering, as we realise that every crime figure, represent countless victims and their traumatised families. For the most part, the minority groups in South Africans are the victims, punished and apparently deservedly having to bear the brunt of the ethnic hatred and race based attacks.

Unimaginable cruelty and hate towards men, women, children and even animals.

Animals are being killed
A brave dog that was stabbed trying to protect its owner.

What a sad state of affairs, South Africa finds itself in, as the statistics of a violent country, are being reported on. On social media, watchful individuals, has begun to refer to this as – “Genocide disguised as Crime” under the failed democracy of the ANC government.

Minority groups are being killed, at an alarming rate while leaders in the country, are promoting these attacks, threatening to take the land back that was stolen.

  • 2019 Jan – April: 162 Farm Attacks with 16 Murders
  • 2019 May – June: 82 Farm Attacks with 11 Murders
  • 2019 July – August: 84 Farm Attacks with 8 Murders

Sadly, this is happening on a daily basis to the people, who have supplied the country for centuries, with food.

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