If you are living in South Africa, a country in crisis then you are facing some hard choices. Such as should I emigrate? Stay or go?

Good Sense Making result in Good Choice Making

Let’s do this together and try and make sense of your situation in South Africa. We can make sense of your situation, by asking a couple of questions. The answers to these questions are unique to you. There are no right or wrong answers.

Liberty as a basic human right

Are you safe where you live?

Can you freely walk around in your town at night?

How many years will it take, before it becomes safe?

Equality as a basic human right

Do you experience discrimination?

Can you effectively exchange your skills for an income?

How many years will it take, before you can truly be productive?

Fraternity as a basic human right

Can you freely associate with groups that you identify with?

Are you forced to integrate with other groups that do not share your values or culture?

How many years will it take, before your right to identify with your own group, will be recognised?

Stay or Go – What nobody is telling you

Everyone, when asked, will say they hold patriotism dear. But what are people in the same situation as you, really doing, without telling you. We can, with very little effort, learn what others are doing.

Interesting, but let’s do our own research and google “Brain Drain South Africa”.

We then find articles like this one that says 22 people a day are leaving for New Zealand


And this one that says 520,000 people have already left South Africa


And this one:


And this one:


And this one:


Some estimates tell us, 8 times more skilled people leave South Africa, than come to work in South Africa.

But why are there no recent figures?

Who is hiding what?

If no-one has accurate data, how can we know how many people are leaving?

So let’s dig a bit deeper. This time on Facebook. Lets search for groups called “South Africa Expats”. We then find groups like this one, with 240,864 followers.


But not all followers of SAPeople are currently in foreign countries.

So let’s dig some more.

Let’s do a search on Facebook for groups with “South Africans immigrating to”. We then find groups like “SA.immigration.to.the.UK”, with 32,667 followers. On close inspection we see the group has 2,207 new members this month alone. Why?


And groups like “SouthAfricansMigrating2Australia” with 41,345 followers. On closer inspection we see the group has 1,322 new members this month alone. Why?


Is this interest normal? Thousands of people interested in Migrating out of South Africa?

And why has the South African Home Affairs got a three month backlog in issuing passports?

Stay or Go – More Sense Making

How many of your friends and family are already living abroad?

If you were offered a really great job in another country – would you go?

If you leave the country and things improve, what prevents you from coming back?

What is stopping you from having a solid backup plan, in case things really get worse?
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Stay or Go – More Choice Making

Let’s take stock of the State of Democracy in South Africa – please take the survey.
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Whatever, you decide to do – we hope to support you in your efforts.

You can make a difference

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