On Sunday afternoon, Jozini residents contacted the police, after seeing a suspicious vehicle driving around. The vehicle was marked “Majuba Glass” and its occupants fled the scene, as soon as the vehicle was forced to stop by the police. Sadly, by around midnight, the owner of the vehicle would be found, shot dead by his attackers.

On Sunday September 22, Gert Pretorius (49) drove from Vryheid to Jozini, to meet a potential customer that his brother had referred to him, the previous day. Gert expressed concerns about the trip, to his brother Marius Pretorius. The customer wanted an estimate and was hurrying Gert to drive thru and meet with him. Gert felt uneasy, about this trip for Majuba Glass.

By around 10am, Mandy Pretorius, Gert’s wife became concerned when she had not heard from him, as was their regular safety protocol. Gert was no longer answering his phone and Mandy quickly filed a missing person’s report, with the police.

Mandy and Gert Pretorius. Photo: Facebook

A large scale operation by a tracking company and the police began to find Gert’s Hilux pickup. It was soon tracked down in some bushes, not too far from the Mozambique border. Gert’s lifeless body was discovered by police around midnight. He had been shot in the face and his body wrapped in a bag, by his attackers.

On Monday morning 1am, Mandy was notified of the terrible news.

According to a report in a local newspaper, The VryheidHerald the family is simply devastated, at the loss of the father and husband. The newspaper reported that Gert was loved by his community.

“Gert was not a violent guy, but he was the type of person who would have fought for his life and for his family,” said Gert’s brother, Marius Pretorius.

Gert Pretorius with his family. Photo: Facebook

“I have spoken to my brother on the phone, every morning, for the past 15-years. I am really going to miss those calls. The family is devastated. Mandie still expects Gert to walk through the door at any minute, and his younger son, Marnus, has become very quiet and withdrawn.” he said.

Gert Pretorius, from Majuba Glass in Vryheid, now join the thousands of people slaughtered in South Africa.

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