Lunch with friends, or simply going shopping turns deadly within seconds, in South Africa. In this video clip, recorded by a patron at a restaurant on October 3, 2019 in Sandton, an upmarket suburb in Johannesburg. Armed robbers are seen fleeing the scene of a robbery, at a popular shopping mall. It is alleged, the robbers are part of a group known as the “Rolex gang”.

The patrons having lunch, is seated on a balcony that provide the perfect view of the horror, about to unfold. One of the patrons notice the armed men with assault rifles, running down the street and decide to record a video, on his mobile phone.

In the video, we hear the traumatised guests, screaming at an unfortunate motorist, not to stop.

“Drive! Drive!” – shouts one guest.

The motorist, unaware of the events that have unfolded before, see’s what may appear to be uniformed men, running towards his vehicle. To the horror of the guests in the restaurant, the motorist slows down and hesitantly stops. The armed men then attack the vehicle, one smashes a window and gain access to vehicle on the passenger side. The other try to gain access to the vehicle on the driver’s side.

The guests at the restaurant, simply cannot believe what is happening, right now in front of them.

Bang Bang Bang…

Gun shots, coming from somewhere. The guests fall to the floor and duck for cover.

“Get down, Get Down!” – shouts one of the guests.

And then more shots. Louder this time.

Bang Bang Bang…

The shocking video, went viral on social media within minutes. But for many South Africans, this is just the way life has become now. Armed robbers, thieves and murderers have taken over the country.

Every day, you get up and just hope you will not be just another crime statistic. Fear is now part of life, knowing that your next lunch with friends or shopping trip, can turn deadly at any moment.

Warning graphic content and language. Video Shopping turns Deadly

Shopping turns Deadly October 3, 2019 – Video: Twitter

The rolex gang in action, minutes before the shooting started.

Gauteng police spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubele said preliminary investigations revealed that the driver of a black Mercedes Benz was forced to stop after a black Ford Fiesta drove into the back of his vehicle.  Three suspects then emerge from the Ford Fiesta and rob the man in the black Mercedes. 

“The suspects allegedly abandoned their car and attempted to hijack a white BMW during which a shootout ensued between the owner of the BMW and the suspects,” said Captain Kay Makhubele. 

The suspects then managed to hijack a VW Polo, which was later found abandoned a few kilometres from the crime scene.

Police are investigating a case of robbery, attempted hijacking and hijacking.

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