Returning from work at a nearby mine, Braam Blignaut (35) was suddenly ambushed, by armed robbers in front of his house in the Buffelsfontein area. What happens next is every wife and mother’s worst nightmare. Braam’s wife, Izulda tells her story of what happened on that fatal Friday morning July 10, 2015.

Izulda Blignaut, tells the tragic story of what happened the day of the attack

With his spine severed by one of the gunshots, both legs amputated and living in excruciating pain, Braam a father of four boys, sais all he can do now is wait to die.

“In a blink of an eye your family’s lives changes forever” sais Braam.

Braam Blignaut “Waiting to die”

This family cannot afford health insurance or the morphine Braam needs for the pain. He has an infection in his pelvis and a septic wound where the skin can’t be stitched together.

Sadly perhaps mercifully, Braam Blignaut’s wish came true on October 5, 2019, when he passed away.

Braam Blignaut has sadly passed away
Braam Blignaut (35) has sadly passed away

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Braam Blignaut, from Buffelsfontein, join the thousands of people slaughtered in South Africa.

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