An officer working for EPR Security was killed, a day before his 60th birthday, while assisting a customer, who was being robbed at close of business.

On Sunday October 6 at around 7pm, Dion de Villiers (59) who was on duty, reacted to an emergency in Albertina Sisulu Road in Luipaardsvlei, when five suspects approached his vehicle and shot him four times.

EPR security vehicle at the scene of the murder. Photo: supplied

According to a spokesperson for EPR Security, Johan Krogh, “Dion had a total of 10 years of service at EPR Security. He will be remembered by his EPR family as a loyal, kind and gentle person who has devoted his entire life to the selfless protection of others, and will leave a great void in everyone. Dion was fatally wounded last night during a robbery in Krugersdorp on the eve of his birthday.”

“Rest in peace Uncle Dion. We salute you!” Krogh said.

“With his last breath, Dion managed to call for assistance on the two-way radio, but when other EPR vehicles and members arrived on the scene, he had already passed away,” Krogh said.

Messages of support on Social media included:

“So incredibly sad and unnecessary, makes one furious. No law and order in our country, nothing is being done to address these barbaric criminals and remove them from society for good. My heart goes out to his loved ones, family and friends. My sincere, deepest condolences, may God assist and carry you through this incredibly difficult time of sadness and the years ahead.” reads one comment.

“My heartfelt sympathy and wishes of strength to the family. So another hero falls. We salute you and thank you for your selfless hard work. Rest in peace.” reads another tribute to the officer.

“I’m so sorry for the families loss. I pray that God will comfort them during this heartsore time.” said another.

No arrests have been made.

Dion de Villiers, the EPR security officer from Krugersdorp, join the thousands of people slaughtered in South Africa.

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