A resident of the quiet Rietondale suburb in Pretoria, in a surprise attack fought back bravely, before finally being stabbed to death by his attackers.

On Tuesday October 8, Edwin Muller (32) was busy getting dressed, when attackers gained access to his cul de sac home, by breaking open the backdoor with a shovel. This despite the house having a high palisade fence, electrified wire on the walls and the doors and windows fitted with thick burglar bars. The attackers then stabbed and murdered the young man from Rietondale, Pretoria.

According to Captain Anton Breedt, police spokesman “The deceased was found naked and he had wounds to his arms and torso and it appears from preliminary investigations that the deceased was trying to defend himself during the attack,”

“The back door of the house was broken and cash, jewelry and a laptop were missing.” said Captain Anton Breedt.

Police are investigating a murder and housebreaking case, he said.

Edwin Muller murdered in Rietondale
Edwin Muller murdered in Rietondale Photo: Jandré Muller

Elsabé van Staden, from the Moot area community policing forum said “They heard the attack on Edwin was very violent and that he had been struck several times, with something like a knife and hit with an object.”

“It certainly looks like he fought back,” she said.

Edwin’s mother whom he shared the house with, found his body in the hallway of the house, around 6pm on Wednesday evening, when she returned from work.

The attack is believed to have happened on Tuesday afternoon, because rigor mortis had already stepped in when Edwin was found that night, said Elsabé van Staden.

Residents of the cul de sac road in Rietondale, said they only became aware of the incident when police vehicles stopped in front of the house.

Arrests for the Rietondale Murder

No arrests have been made. The Pretoria Moot police, asked anyone with more information on the young man’s murder, to come forward.

Edwin Muller, join the thousands of people slaughtered in South Africa.

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