The Sophiatown double murder in Gauteng, is the second double homicide in South Africa, in less than two weeks. Illustrative of a now too common pattern of brutal attacks, on elderly and defenseless Christians.

On Saturday afternoon October 19, at around 1pm Henning Schourie (82) and his wife Hilda (80), were found in their lounge lying next to each other, bludgeoned to death. This less than ten days later, from another shocking double murder in the Eastern Cape, at the Stella Londt.

The security response service ADT, were the first to arrive at the scene. On arrival, the security guard saw through a window, how Hilda was being attacked. He then shouted for the attacker to stop, who tried to run away and who was subsequently shot through the leg and arrested by the security guards.

Police spokesperson Captain Jerbes de Bruyn, said “One suspect was arrested and a case of murder is being investigated”.

“There is so much blood on the scene, the cause of death is difficult to establish” he said

Bergbron Reformed Church lost two of its loving members to the Sophiatown Double murder

The couple were devoted Christians and the pastor of their church Ds. Stephan Briel, met with the couple’s son at their home, shortly after news of the murder reached church members.

“The neighbors heard the couple scream for help and phoned the security company and the police,” said pastor Stephan Briel.

The pastor later posted on the Social Media group of the church:

“Our loving church members, Henning and Hilda was killed this afternoon in an armed robbery. We will miss them very much and honor their memory in our hearts.”

Arrests Made for the Sophiatown Double murder

One suspect arrested.

According to the Captain de Bruyn, no weapons were found on the scene and the police are still trying to establish if the attacker had any accomplices.

Nothing was stolen from the victims of the Sophiatown double murder.

Henning and Hilda Schourie from Sophiatown, join the thousands of Christians slaughtered in South Africa.

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