The community of Warrenton in the Northern Cape, was plunged into mourning after a defenseless elderly lady and deaconess of the church, was raped and murdered in her home.

On Saturday November 2, just before 11pm, while the rest of South Africa was celebrating their national team’s Rugby World Cup victory, attackers gained entry to the house of Rina Spangenberg (86).

Showing no mercy, the elderly and defenseless lady was raped and left for dead by her attackers. She was brutally assaulted with a blunt object and suffered severe head injuries.

Rina was found lying in a pool of blood in her dining room, by her cousin Celeste Stroebel. Celeste had been living with Rina for many years and managed to call for help. Unfortunately, Rina Spangenberg died of her head injuries, shortly upon her arrival at hospital.

Karin Human, council chairman of the Warrenton Dutch Reformed Church, says it is a sad day for the community.

She described Rina Spangenberg as a dear person and devoted Christian who attended church every Sunday.

“It is a terribly tragedy. Rina still attended one of our regular church dinners on Wednesday and she was seated at at her favorite spot.”

Rina Spangenberg, originally from Elliot in the Eastern Cape, also lived in Namibia for a long time.

For many years, she was the matron of the school hostel in Warrenton. She was also a deacon of the Dutch Reformed Church for many years and was a member of the Bible study group for the elderly.

Rina Spangenberg the Deaconess that was raped and murdered. Photo: Facebook.

Arrests Made for the Deaconess that was raped and murdered

Police say they are investigating charges of murder and house robbery.

A television and groceries was stolen.

No arrests have been made.

Rina Spangenberg from Warrenton, join the thousands of Christians slaughtered in South Africa.

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