Who is Lana Marks?

Lana Marks is an American fashion designer that was confirmed by the US Senate as the United States Ambassador to South Africa on October 4, 2019.

From which country is Lana Marks?

Lana J. Bank was born in East London, South Africa on November 18, 1953. She married Neville Marks a psychiatrists and moved to Bermuda before moving to her home state, Florida. Her father, Alec Bank immigrated from Lithuania as a child and became a successful property developer and leader in the Jewish community in South Africa.

What are her qualifications?

Lana attended Clarendon High School for Girls in East London, and speaks Xhosa, Afrikaans and English. She is the CEO of the Lana Marks fashion brand, with stores in Palm Beach, New York, Beverly Hills, and Dubai. Marks served on the Women’s Leadership Board at John F. Kennedy School of Government. Her position as US Ambassador in South Africa is her first diplomatic appointment.

How did Lana Marks become famous?

Lana Marks is famous as the former CEO and owner of the LANA MARKS Brand and the sole designer of the LANA MARKS fashion collection. Visit LanaMarks.com

What is Lana Marks Twitter Handle?

Lana Marks can be followed at: https://twitter.com/LanaMarks and the US Embassy at: https://twitter.com/USEmbassySA

Welcome to South Africa Lana Marks

Lana’s arrival in South Africa were met with mixed feelings. On her Twitter account some welcome replies read:

“Welcome to our beautiful country filled with diversity and wonderful people. Please help us to make our country a place of peace and prosperity. Greetings and God bless you.” said one tweet.

“Please assist to make South Africa great again! We need all the help we can get. Not financial but moral ethical and capable.” said another.

However not all salutations were positive

“Get your security guards in place” reads one tweet

“You’re not welcome…you have been appointed by a rapey crook. Go back”

“Welcome, I can only hope you’re less of a clown than your half wit of a president”

“This place is a sh$thole. Crime is out of control. Make sure you and your family stay safe.”

The road ahead for Ambassador Lana Marks

We certainly hope the Ambassador get all the support we can muster, as new responsibilities dawn upon her.

Life in South Africa is very remote from the fashionable Mar-a-Lago existence she enjoyed before.

In South Africa innocent people are raped, tortured and murdered every day and thousands of lives now depend on the new Ambassador’s actions and words.

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