On Friday November 15, at around 5:25am, Isabel Bernadette van Coller (57) was attacked in Bramley, Johannesburg on her way to work. The Isabel van Coller murder on camera was released in a video on Twitter, a few hours after the attack.

Her vehicle can be seen stopped at a traffic intersection. Four armed men approach her vehicle. What follows is the cold blooded murder of an innocent lady, whose grandchildren will never again experience her kindness and love.

Isabel van Coller (57) murder captured on camera in Bramley. Video: Twitter

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Isabel who lives on the East Rand, qualified as a bookkeeper in 2012 at Damelin College. Ironically she worked for the emergency service Emer-G-Med, that save lives on the roads of South Africa every day.

Isabel van Coller left for dead in the middle of the Road

Isabel van Coller murder on Camera
Police on the murder scene of Isabel van Coller.

Police sourced confirmed Isabel was shot in the head.

Arrests made for the Isabel’s murder

Police spokesperson David Tembe confirmed, Isabel’s vehicle a white Kia, was recovered at Boikhutso flats in Alexandra, some time later.

White Kia recovered at Boikhutso flats in Alexandra
Isabel’s vehicle a white Kia recovered by police. Source: Twitter.

Operation Tornado – Isabel van Coller murder

On 2019-11-15 at about 09:00, Johannesburg police began to follow up information and formed a task team with the Cluster Trio Team. The task was to identify and arrest the four suspects who appeared on the video clip.

Information was received that four of the involved suspects are sitting in a tavern at 4th Avenue and used a mini bus to drive from Kwa Msinga in Kwazulu Natal.

A joint operation was planned with the Flying Squad and Police members at the Old Cluster Office and a joint operation was immediately launched at property 154 4th Avenue in Alexandra where the police managed to arrest a total of 17 suspects. Several other suspects managed to escape through the back of the building.

Arrests made for the Isabel’s murder

All suspects were subjected to interrogation and six were linked by Detectives to various crimes captured on CCTV footage:

  • ALEXANDRA CAS 66/10/2019 BUSINESS Robbery at U-SAVE
  • BRAMLEY CAS 25/11/2019 Business Robbery at CHICKEN LIKEN
  • ALEXANDRA CAS /11/2019 which occured on 2019-11-14, case no outstanding.
  • BRAMLEY Hijacking and Murder where the victim was shot and killed, case number is outstanding.

Suspects admitted to being involved in incidents, and originally from Msinga, Kwazulu Natal.

  1. Nkululeko Khoza of 3rd Avenue, Alexandra
  2. Lindani Mbatha (25) from 150 4th Avenue, Alexandra
  3. Mthongane Ndlovu (31) from 150 4th Avenue, Alexandra
  4. Siyanda Mbongane Ndlovu (24) from 3rd Avenue, Alexandra
  5. Lethukuthula Zunga (18) 131- 6th Avenue, Alexandra
  6. Thobane Zondi (28) P6 Mshayazafe Hostel Thokoza

The three who have escaped and part of the gang:

  1. Bunu from Thokoza who is said to be the leader.
  2. XA Mkhize from Madala Hostel
  3. Mduduzi Ndlovu from 154 4th Avenue, Alexandra

The rest of the suspects could not be linked to crimes and were released.

Police investigation continues.

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Isabel van Coller, join the thousands of people slaughtered in South Africa.

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