How safe is Durban?

Tourists are not safe in Durban. Within 48 hours of opening the new promenade, Durban already had a Double Murder. This is the fourth double murder in South Africa in less than a month.

When was the Durban Promenade opened?

The promenade was opened as a tourist attraction on Saturday 16, 2019 by the new eThekwini Mayor, Mxolisi Kaunda. Kaunda’s predecessor Zandile Gumede was fired following charges of crime and corruption. Durban Promenade Murder

How much did the Durban Promenade cost?

The existing promenade underwent an extension project, costing R380-million or approximately 25 million Dollars. The promenade is expected to unlock the R35 billion Point Waterfront Development, which will be done in three phases over the next 10 to 15 years. 

How long is the Durban Promenade?

The promenade is a 750 metre extension of the existing promenade making it the longest in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Who were the victims of the Beachfront Murder?

The female victim was identified as Fathima Muhammad of Chatsworth. She’d gone to Suncoast for lunch.

Durban Promenade Murder Fathima Muhammad of Chatsworth

The Male Victim was identified as Kresen Chandiah. His family says he was 24-years-old, and worked as a tiler.
Durban Promenade Murder Kresen Chandiah

Double Murder within 48 Hours of Opening

On Monday November 18, just 48 hours after the grand opening of the promenade, a couple was brutally murdered.

Their bodies were discovered by a passer-by who was collecting pieces of scrap paper and bottles.

According to reports, one of the bodies still had a knife lodged in the chest area.

Crime Scene Durban Beachfront 21/11/19

This is where the bodies of the man and woman were found, lying side by side, with her bag nearby. They were dressed in jeans, takkies and shirts.

Fathima Bee Bee Muhammad (50) and companion Kresen Chandiah, (24), brutally murdered

Social media in the days following the murder were flooded with comments:

“Absolutely sad this woman was my neighbor and her daughter came to our school” reads one.

“When did this happen? I was around Blue Lagoon on Saturday and noticed heavy police presence. How does this occur in a public place?” reads another.

No Arrests made for the Durban Promenade Double Murder

DURBAN – Police are investigating the death of the couple on Durban’s beachfront.

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