Warning to all Tourists planning to visit South Africa: South Africa is officially the Rape-Murder capital of the world. The crime rate is currently at over 59 murders a day. A woman is raped every three minutes. Armed and organized criminals, track tourists upon their arrival at the airport. Then victimise tourists do not understand the risks, leave their homes or hotels after dark, or befriend locals that later rape and murder them. South Africa has simply become too dangerous for forreigners.

German tourists stabbed in Cape Town

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Daily shootouts between security forces and terrorists

Westville Village Market mall, in Durban on 28 November 2019

Daily armed attacks on businesses and their customers

Massive increase in kidnappings: Police now get 16 cases reported every day, with some experts saying the situation may actually be much worse. As many cases are never reported and not only wealthy families are being targeted.

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Port Alfred Beach

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French couple attacked while hiking

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Fathima Bee Bee Muhammad and companion brutally murdered
Fathima Bee Bee Muhammad and companion brutally murdered

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Falstaff Boutique Hotel, Longdon Avenue Morningside Johannesburg

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Woman shot and left in the road to die

Read more: Dutch tourist murdered on October 30, 2019Third double murder in less than a month .

Dutch tourist Murder at Marloth Park
Dutch tourist Murder at Marloth Park

South Africa too Dangerous for Tourists

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South Africa is too Dangerous. An Israeli women was gang raped at a lodge at Graskop
An Israeli women was gang raped at a lodge at Graskop

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