A Boschkop family was tortured and killed, when four terrorists attacked their home on a smallholding 20 km East of Pretoria. Boschkop is a rural area, popular for its country style wedding venues, guest houses and game farms.

Boschkop family tortured and killed
Boschkop 20 km East of Pretoria: Photo Sothebys Realty

On Tuesday evening November 19, 2019 at around 7pm, Rina Kritzinger (64) walked into her bedroom, to discover that four armed men, had gained entry to their home.

Hearing his wife scream, Gerhard Kritzinger (64) rushed to her aid, but was summarily shot in the chest by the attackers.

Gerhard Kritzinger

Hearing the gunshot, Ansu de Villiers Cronje (74) came out of her room, and when one attacker aimed his gun at her, she said:

“I tell you in the name of Jesus you will not kill me”

These words must have saved Ansu’s life, as the attacker instead hit Ansu on the head, with his gun.

With the man of the house dead, the terrorists got to work torturing the two defenceless ladies. The attackers tied up Ansu and Rina, with electrical cords and began ransacking the house. Not satisfied with their loot, they then demanded the keys to the safe, from the women.

Inhumane Torture

In a cruel and inhumane act, they poured boiling water over Ansu legs, to force her to surrender the keys of the safe.

She refused, as she did not want the terrorists to have the guns in the safe and then murder more innocent people.

Boschkop family tortured
Ansu de Villiers Cronje and her deceased husband

In a report by Maroela Media, Ansu’s daughter, Anne-re Vreken said, “The attackers eventually fled on foot with only a television set, two cell phones and a few pieces of jewelry. They had earlier dug a hole, through the electric fence, to enter the premises.”

“The robbers threw the remaining cell phones and a civilian band radio into a toilet before they left. Her mother took out the radio – it still worked – and so manage to call for help, ” she said.

“My mother is a calm person. Her faith in the Lord is deeply rooted.” Anne-re said

Gerhard died at the scene and Ansu was rushed to Wilgers Hospital where she received stitches for the wounds to her head and treatment for the burns.

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Arrests made for the Boschkop family tortured and killed

Boschkop police spokesperson, Constable Jeroboam Mbatsane said a case of murder was opened.

“We can confirm that there was a farm attack and a male was shot and killed on the scene,” he said.

No arrests have been made.

Ansu-De-Villiers a few days after the attack (Photo: Media 24)
Ansu-De-Villiers a few days after the attack (Photo: Media 24)

Gerhard Kritzinger from Boschkop, join the thousands of people slaughtered in South Africa.

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