Christian persecution in the modern era is very real. In South Africa for example, minority groups are particularly targeted, by hate crime and economic discrimination, encouraged by political leaders with communist ideologies, leading to large scale hardship and involuntary displacement of Christians.

A report from July 2019, on support for persecuted Christians, released by the British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, state that the number of countries where Christians suffer, rose from 125 in 2015 to 144, a year later. 

The independent review prepared by the Bishop of Truro, state that in some regions the level and nature of Persecution, is arguably coming close to meeting the International definition of Genocide, according to the Genocide Convention, adopted by the United Nations.

Christian Persecution in South Africa

Despite a mountain of evidence – South Africa is not even mentioned in the Bishop’s report.

Popular explanations, originating from the biases and prejudice of casual observers, tend to blame hate crime on income inequality, political affiliation, ethnicity, remoteness of location or even the occupation of the victims.

Completely ignoring the fact that the victims are devoted Christians.

For the WCSTG Foundation, this single fact, that the victims are Christian and being subjected to immense suffering, is sufficient reason to care and to act. In addition we do not claim to understand the context of each crime and the motives of the persecutors.

Even if factors such as political affiliation, ethnicity, occupation or the location of the victims are at play, those are secondary and largely irrelevant from a Judeo-Christian standpoint.

Wherever Christians are subjected to persecution such as rape, torture and murder, swift and decisive action must be taken and effective remedy made available.

Data on Persecution

The statistics released, by the government on the crime rate in South Africa, do not report on hate crimes or religious affiliation, as categories. Statistics of attacks on Christian minority groups are therefore largely hidden from scrutiny, under the hood of the larger crime issue, or informally dismissed as crime motivated by income inequality, racial or political tensions.

With your support we can gather the facts, compile crucial statistics and prevent the loss of life and needless suffering of Christians subject to severe existential threat.

The data collected can be compiled into evidence based reports that can help humanitarian, faith based and governmental organisations to act responsibly, humanely and appropriately to expedite relief.

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