From YA romance author Alice VL, comes the shocking true story she did not want to write. However, in a society where we are often told only one side of a story (generally whatever narrative the media and/ or government wants us to believe), the truth must be told no matter how difficult it is to hear or how costly it may be to tell.

“My Turn,” recounts the emotionally charged and tragic details of what is happening in present-day South Africa. It is the story of racism run rampant. The land is being taken. Whites are being targeted for brutal torture and murder. The statistics document this to be true, but little is known of this travesty in our world. The reason? The crimes are not committed by whites against blacks, but vice versa. This scenario finds no traction because it does not fit the politically correct view of what racism is known to be.

Alice VL provides alarming statistics and sobering documentation to bolster the claims that white people in South Africa, particularly white land-owners and farmers, face unremitting danger. Gripped by fear, each is left to wonder, is today “my turn” to be tortured and murdered? The author seeks to be the voice of the minority in South Africa yearning for justice under a government that seems utterly disinterested in providing it. Instead, the government turns a deaf ear to the cries of the persecuted minority while at times even lampooning their plight.

This book seeks to shed light on a subject many wish to bury along with the white minority in South Africa. It is with the sincere hope that people who value true racial harmony and reconciliation will be enlightened to the racial persecution and injustice being perpetrated towards millions. We put forth this book because we believe that all prejudice is wrong, all hatred is vile, all persecution is criminal. We dare not close our eyes and hearts to the oppression of any minority.

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Waiting to be murdered in South Africa: an extract of the book My Turn South Africa by Alice VL

Each night, I know it could be my turn and that of my family’s. What I don’t know is how many attackers will surround my bed before I wake up. I lay in bed as the hour’s tick by, and I wait. I don’t want to be awoken by armed men ready to inflict brutality on my children or me.

As I try and calm my greatest fear, I listen for unfamiliar sounds. My heart pounds a mile a minute with each new, unfamiliar sound.

Most nights, I don’t sleep. Nobody sleeps. Most nights, I lay awake and think of a neighbor, perhaps a family member that was attacked only days before.

How my world has changed. I don’t drive at night, and we no longer sit in our gardens, day or night. How terrifying the shadows have become as they walk by my home. How unnerving the voices in the distance are.

I listen to others around me; they don’t say much, but the fear in their eyes reminds me that we are all just waiting for our turn. I live from day to day praying that my turn and that of those I love would skip us.

I know that when they do come for my family and me, we won’t stand a chance against the fight that will come in like a thief in the night. The numbers will infiltrate my home, my safe place when they come for us.

My heart is broken. My footprints are covered in the blood of people like me. I feed off the soil where blood is spilled, every single day. It flows through our lands, into our rivers and dams and hangs like a foggy mist in the air.

My president doesn’t care if tonight is perhaps, my turn.
Tomorrow morning, he won’t even know my name. My life does not matter to my president or to my country.

Tomorrow morning, he will tell the world once more that there are no farm murders in South Africa, and my death, or that of my children, will be classified as normal crime.

Because, I am white, my turn will come.

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