On Sunday November 24, around 5:30pm, five terrorists, two female, worked their devious plan. Pretending to be customers and having planned the Wolmaransstad slaughter in minute detail, they executed Schalk van der Merwe (67) and brutally assaulted his wife Lettie (66).

Wolmaransstad is a maize-farming town situated on the N12 between Johannesburg and Kimberley in North West Province of South Africa. The town lies in an important diamond-mining and farming area. 

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The couple’s son Willie van der Merwe (43), was alarmed when he saw unknown men running from the farmhouse. Willie went to investigate, and to his horror discovered his mother, tied up and covered in blood in the house. He then went looking for his dad, and discovered him murdered, in his sheep pen.

A police spokesperson, Colonel Adele Myburgh said “The farmer sells sheep directly to the public and they pretended that they wanted to buy. The farmer and his wife went to the kraal. The people were picking out the sheep they want, catching the sheep and tying them,”

“The group then suddenly overpowered the farmer, 67, and his 66-year-old wife. The women took the farmer’s wife to the farmhouse and demanded the safe keys, which she gave to them. The armed group assaulted both of them,” she said.

Schalk van der Merwe was tied up and stabbed to death. His wife Lettie was admitted to hospital, with serious wounds.

“It remains shocking that the ANC government is watching our farmers being attacked and murdered with such brutality and still not wanting to declare farm murders as a priority crime. said Jacqueline Theologo, the DA’s Northwest spokesperson on agriculture and rural development.

“This gloomy incident leaves a community and family traumatized and terrified,” she said

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Arrests made for the Wolmaransstad slaughter

Colonel Adele Myburgh confirmed a case of murder and robbery is being investigated.
No arrests have been made.

Schalk van der Merwe from Wolmaransstad, join the thousands of people slaughtered in South Africa.

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