A beloved and respected businessman, Hans van Rooyen was attacked by terrorists, his hands and feet tied, and brutally murdered at his home in Nigel.

Nigel is a small gold mining town in Gauteng Province, South Africa. The town is on the edge of the area known as the East Rand.

On Monday November 25, at around 2pm, Hans van Rooyen (83), a healthy and productive senior citizen, left his workshop, to have lunch at home.

A regular and safe thing to do in any country, except South Africa.

Hans van Rooyen from Nigel
Hans van Rooyen (83) from Nigel (Photo: Network 24)

At around 2:30pm suspicious persons, were noticed in front of Hans van Rooyens’ house, by a member of the Nigel Community on patrol.

“The terrorists fled the scene in a vehicle, when they were approached by the member. A pursuit then followed to Alrapark, where the suspects lost control of the vehicle, near Laversburg Bridge,” said the Chairman of Nigel Community On patrol, Martin Harris.

“The patrol member notified the police, and the vehicle was discovered to belong to Hans, using its registration number,” said Martin.

“The police then went to the registered address and discovered Hans in the kitchen, tied up and murdered.” Martin added.

Hans van Rooyen from Nigel murdered
Terrorists lost control of the vehicle at Alrapark (Photo: Network 24)

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On Tuesday evening, members of the Nigel neighbourhood, gathered to show their respect to the slain Christian.

Beloved by the community of Nigel, flowers and candles could be seen in front of the house, after the vigil.

Neighbors gather at the home of Hans van Rooyen from Nigel
Neighbors and friends gather at the home of Hans van Rooyen from Nigel (Photo: Network 24)

On social media one comment read:

It’s genocide !!! How many murders again this week !! And it’s not just committed on farms, it’s everywhere!

Arrests made for the murder of Hans van Rooyen from Nigel

The suspects fled on foot and the police launched a large-scale search. The police have not yet responded to requests for further information.

No arrest have been made.

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Hans van Rooyen from Nigel, join the thousands of people slaughtered in South Africa.

The cremation service for Hans will take place on Friday, November 29 at 11am at the Dutch Reformed Church Nigel-South, where family, friends and the community of Nigel will deliver their final tribute to the slain Christian and giant in the community.

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