Michelle Pietersen (58) was killed with a rock on Thursday November 28, when terrorists launched the rock at their vehicle. A common tactic to rob, carjack or murder motorists in South Africa. The impact severed her neck.

Network 24 obtained an interview with her husband Anton, who was driving the car, at the time they were attacked in Paarl. In the video we have translated, Anton tells the horror story, and the experience of having his wife killed right next to him.

Paarl means “pearl” in Dutch, and is a city with 191,013 inhabitants in the Western Cape province of South Africa.

It is part of the Cape Winelands and the third-oldest town and European settlement in South Africa, after Cape Town and Stellenbosch.

“I prayed Please god don’t do this to me”

Michelle Pietersen (58) was killed with a rock (Video: Network 24)

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Michele was a science teacher, at New Orleans Secondary School in Paarl. She had been married to Anton for 38 years, when they went to Cape Town on Wednesday for dinner.

They drove back late at night and at 1:47 they were about 10 km from Paarl.

Anton had promised her that he would get her home before 2am.

Michelle Pietersen (58) was killed with a rock
Michelle Pietersen (58)

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The couple was traveling on the N1 freeway, near Paarl, when the attackers threw a rock at their vehicle.

A common tactic to rob, carjack and murder people.

The couple has four children, Inge Scott, Irma, Kina and Charl. Scott is already en route from Pretoria and Irma is en route from Kuwait.

“My life changed in an instant. I am going to miss her a lot. I was constantly in love with her. I wanted to impress her every day,” Anton said.

“She loved children and babies a lot. And she was very smart. ” he added.

She was a strict teacher, but the children always thanked her.

Even Tamaryn Green former Miss. South Africa, and a former pupil, believed Michelle made an impact on her life, Anton says.

Arrests made for the murder of Michelle Pietersen killed with a rock

Police have recovered the rock for evidence.

No arrest have been made.

Michelle Pietersen, join the thousands of people slaughtered in South Africa.

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