In many ways, Farmlands, the documentary made in 2018 by Lauren Southern , can be seen as the precursor of the systematic genocide, that we observe playing out in real-time in South Africa.

While Lauren only focused on rural atrocities and hate crime in the agriculture sector, and not on the thousands of murders in urban location, her work nonetheless offers valuable insight, into the gradual build-up of the levels of terrorism and the evolution of the stages of genocide, as it unfolds in the country.

Farmlands the Documentary – Watch Video

Lauren’s diligence, reveal the sad truth of mainstream media and the government’s implicit role in the atrocities inflicted on minorities.

The news of the day is fabricated with rapid news-cycles, that seem to only satisfy obscure political agendas and media organizations’ dwindling revenue streams.

Good sense-making and honest journalism, on existential threats in South Africa, has become a rare commodity.

Lauren is now one of the few journalists, that is still prepared to do the fieldwork, discover the facts, and bravely report the truth as she observes it. Even at the risk of her reporting being unpopular or unprofitable.

Her work is an embarrassment to what mainstream media call journalism, as it expose their deliberate incompetence.

Sadly Lauren’s efforts to preserve life with truthful reporting are often dismissed by critics, as alt-right or white nationalism.

Reviews of Farmlands the Documentary

Despite the criticisms, Lauren earned quite a few 10/10 on for her film:

“Forget what you have been told to believe, watch the documentary and make up your own mind. This is not right-wing propaganda as some claim, looking at the reviews some of them have not even bothered to watch the documentary. Lauren Southern did what journalists are supposed to do,” reads one review.

“This film was the single most important film I have ever watched. True journalism is lost, BUT THIS IS IT. The thoroughness is incredible: from interviewing the farmers and victims to a crime scene cleanup organization to the political activists to the government authorities. The impact will stay with you: it is a much watch. If it were not for this documentary, it is likely the world would have an opportunity to know the horror and tragedy sweeping South Africa. For the raw truth and the journeys no one else would bravely take in order to BRING US that truth, beyond thankful to this amazing team of 3 for bringing us Farmlands. MUST SEE,” reads another.

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