The terrorism in South Africa continue, with the vulnerable amongst the faithfull being targeted by brutal murderers. Babsie Cowley is the latest victim to be asphyxiated to death.

On Thursday afternoon December 5, Babsie Cowley (94), who lived on the corner of Flowers Street and 7th Avenue, was found tied up and murdered at her home in Capital Park, South Africa.

The second victim of the day, following Pat Ellies from Rondebosch, that was murdered in the same way, early on Thursday morning.

Capital Park is one of Pretoria’s oldest and first suburbs and lies approximately 4 km north of the historic Church Square, behind the Pretoria National Zoo. The neighbourhood is bordered by the Witwatersberge on the south side and the Apies River on the west side.

“She was murdered on Thursday evening, but her body was only found on Friday morning,” said neighbour and lifelong acquaintance, George Pieterse.

Pieterse said he has known Cowley for about 40 years.

“I basically grew up in front of her,” he said.

“She was very active in the community and loved by many.”

A now widespread tactic by terrorists in South Africa is to target the elderly, and in the most inhumane and brutal way, tie them up and then smother them to death, or tape the victim’s mouth so they suffocate. Dying a most gruesome and horrifying death.

Over the past 3 months we have reported on no less than TEN such murders:

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Arrests made for Babsie Cowley asphyxiated to death.

UPDATE: According to police spokesperson, Captain Augistinah Selepe a 47-year-old man was arrested on Sunday, December 8.

“The suspect is known to the deceased and will appear in the Pretoria magistrates court on Monday,” she said.

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