A young family had their union destroyed, when they were ambushed by terrorists, on their way to Harmony gold mine in Welkom.

Martin Ackerman was killed instantly.

Martin Ackerman and his son loved Rugby

On Friday evening around 8:15pm, Martin Ackerman (42) was killed, when terrorists barricaded the Bronville road with rocks. Martin and his wife Tracey were on their way to Harmony gold mine in Welkom.

Welkom is the second-largest city in the Free State province of South Africa, located about 140 kilometres northeast of Bloemfontein, the provincial capital. The mine called Masimong is a single shaft mine owned and operated by the Harmony Gold Mining Company.

Organised Terrorism at Harmony gold mine

A common tactic in South Africa, used by terrorists is to place large rocks in the road at night. The rock barricade, is meant to cause an accident and inflict serious harm on innocent travellers.

The indiscriminate nature of this method of attack, is especially heinous as sheer chance selects the next unsuspecting victims, travelling at the wrong place and at the wrong time.

It could be a single lady driver, or claim the lives of an entire family – the terrorists do not care.

Having just survived a car crash, the victim then has to contend with the heartless terrorists, aiming to rob and often rape or murder the survivors of the induced accident.

Martin Ackerman was ambushed enroute to Harmony gold mine
A rock barrier in the road used as an ambush by terrorists (Photo: Archive illustrative)

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According to Tracey, load shedding was already active and the road was pitch dark. Load shedding is a method of distributing electricity selectively by Eskom, the mismanaged and bankrupt South African utility company.

Martin Ackerman and his wife, Tracey, were travelling with six security guards on the back of their pickup, when they drove over the barricade.

Tracey and the security guards were fortunate and suffered only moderate injuries, when the vehicle rolled several times.

Martin ended up on top of Tracey, and was gasping for breath. She called for help and shouted at bystanders to help them.

“she could feel the warm blood of her husband running over her face,” said TRACEY.

Martin Ackerman and his wife Tracey that was traveling with him to Harmony gold mine.
Martin Ackerman (42) and his wife Tracey Ackerman

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The bystanders pulled Martin by his legs through the broken windshield.

Martin was already dead.

It appears that the steering wheel, hit Martin hard against the chest and he sustained a gaping wound to his back.

To add a third and traumatic element to the entire ordeal, Tracey had to wait more than four hours for the police and emergency services.

The corrupt and communist South African government, can no longer pay for spares to repair vehicles.

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Friends and family posted on social media:

“He was n FANTASTIC father for Xander and Sumandi and an amazing husband for Tracey,” read one comment.

“Life is so unfair, to take people away from us so quickly, without giving us a chance to say goodbye. How do you deal with it? My heart is in a million pieces, tears over my cheeks and a void in my heart that will never be filled again. Goodbye brother, till we meet again. I am going to miss you a lot, your loud sounding voice when you spoke. You never could, just talk like a normal person – LOL,” said another.

Arrests made for Martin Ackerman’s murder enroute to Harmony gold mine.

A case of murder was opened at the Thabong Police.

The security guards have already been discharged, after treatment at Bongani Hospital.

No arrests have been made

Martin Ackerman from Welkom, join the thousands of people slaughtered in South Africa.

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