Video Catherine Irving the well known animal lover (Source: Facebook)

Video of Catherine Irving who went to Lowveld High School, playing with the animals in her loving care.

In most countries, animal lovers on a weekend, can look forward to fresh air, outdoor fun with their dogs and perhaps even a horse ride. In South Africa expect to be murdered. Catherine Irving a well known animal lover, was shot by terrorists, on her small farm in Mbombela.

Mbombela, formerly known as Nelspruit, is the capital of South Africa’s Mpumalanga Province. For thousands of tourists from across the globe, it is the gateway to the Kruger National Park, home to lions, cheetahs, elephants, zebras, rhinos and other wildlife.

Sadly it has now become too dangerous for tourists.

Catherine Irving the animal lover stabbed to death at Mbembela
View of Mbombela, formerly known as Nelspruit

On Saturday morning December 7, four terrorists attacked Catherine Irving (54), an industrious Christian and well known animal lover in the Rietfontein area, just outside Mbombela.

Catherine, who owns Shamroc Cattery and Kennels, was working outside when she was attacked. She was taken into her home, tied up, assaulted and without mercy, shot and killed.

Her gardener discovered her body after he saw the terrorists run away and he then called for help at the neighbors.

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Catherine Irving working on her farm
The industrious Catherine Irving working on her farm

The attackers fled with Catherine’s firearm and cell phone.

According to Albert Greyvenstein, from Bossies Community Justice, Catherine was working outside when she was attacked by four men.

SAPS and forensics are on the scene. The K9 Unit is also on scene tracking the suspects who are believed to have fled on foot.

Arrests made for the murder of Catherine Irving

Police are investigating a case of murder and no arrests have been made yet. Originally it was reported she was stabbed to death, but a post mortem revealed she died of a gunshot wound.

There is no other information available at this stage.


R100 000 reward will be given to any person who can provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspects involved in the Sunday morning murder of Catherine Irving, reports Lowvelder.

This is the largest reward that has been issued by Bossies Community Justice. Anyone wanting to contribute to the reward, or if anyone has any information, they are urged to call Albert Greyvenstein on 082 567 5212.

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