After years of silence, thousands of murders and hundreds of thousands of families now living in exile, where perhaps life can be normal and safe again, the national broadcaster (SABC), this weekend featured a single story of a family that survived a terrorist attack on their farm.

Terrorists not from a foreign country, but fellow South Africans with hate in their hearts, lead astray and robbed from all that is humane, having been indoctrinated for years by the evil ideologies of corrupt politicians.

Rare journalism by the National Broadcaster (SABC) tells of the terrorist attack on the Van Niekerk Family

Like the bankrupt South African Airline (SAA), and the utility company (ESKOM), the national broadcaster (SABC), was systematically ran into the ground and destroyed by the ruling party. Despite the Press Council Commission of Investigation into editorial interference, the SABC is now almost exclusively, just a media branch of the ANC. Economic with the truth, hiding government corruption and the true state of the failing economy, while espousing only the communist agenda of the regime.

It is thus with quite a surprise, that we find this rare glimpse of journalism, however contrived and dishonest the proposition, that farm attacks are only a recent problem or that hate crimes in the utopia of ethnic harmony are rare.

While the world seem focused on Black Lives Matter and the Covid Pandemic, it is doubtful the SABC will regularly and honestly report on the hundreds of families that will have suffered rape, torture and murder in 2020 in South Africa.

For the probably isolated event of actually delivering the news – we thank you SABC.