Being born after 1985 and therefore absent during the end times of the apartheid regime, it can often be quite difficult to make sense of the events and dynamics at the time, that ultimately lead to the situation, in which South Africa now finds itself.

Perhaps one picked up bits of conversation by parents or overheard an opinion of a family member, that experienced the transformation, but nothing concise or unbiased that can help one understand, just how things went wrong.

Good sense making, is critical to good choice making and it is not often that one find the kind of journalism, that can assist with formulating a reasonable world view, of South Africa’s past.

One notable journalist at the time, Christopher Hitchens, had a shockingly accurate understanding of the dangers and pitfalls that would befall the country, if politicians got it wrong.

In this interview with Christopher, he describes the birth of the ANC revolution, predicts a communist regime and reflect on how Britain and America viewed South Africa at the time.

While not all his predictions came true, incredibly many did.

If only someone, back in 1985 had paid attention, perhaps the country could have been a thriving democracy, today.

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Christopher Hitchens on South Africa