The true horror of the systematic genocide in South Africa is the fallacies, dogmas, and ignorance of those fortunate enough to not yet be one of the murdered victims. A case in point is the thousands of keyboard warriors that console themselves with “Look, I posted a red face on social media or shared a tweet”. And then do nothing.

Nothing at all.

What goes through the mind of a person that just heard news of yet another horrific murder?

After the initial shock and empathy … what happens in the minds of our keyboard warriors?

What is the sense-making and choice-making around existential threats, beyond the knee-jerk reaction, that apparently nothing will move them into action?

What are the dogmas they construct to be able to believe nothing is to be done here.

We categorize the actors of this kind of sensemaking into the following worldviews:

  • The Talker: click click click
  • The Ignoramus: what is this?
  • The Abnormal this is all normal
  • The Loser: You know what? I give up
  • The Optimist: This will all change someday
  • The Fatalist: Whatever happen will happen ok
  • The Denier: Fake news, this is just normal crime
  • The Hater: I hate this and that is all I can muster
  • The Egocentric: I am doing just dandy thank you
  • The Meek: What can I do, I am nobody and powerless
  • The Scared: This is so horrific I just can not deal with this
  • The Believer: God is in control and He will protect my family
  • The Critic: Those that are doing something are doing it wrong
  • The Delusional: Stop worrying the government will take care of this
  • The Shameful: Taking action do not suite my professional reputation
  • The Gambler: The odds of this happening to me or my family is very low
  • The Procrastinator: Well I am really busy, perhaps I will think about this later
  • The Bad Mathmetician: 59 murders a day 60 million people – my number won’t come up

Is this you? Are you just a keyboard warrior, assuming that someone else out there is already doing what is required?

We have some terrible news for you – no there is not.

No-one is coming to help. Nobody has some master plan and nobody has the capability to even begin to tip the scale in our favour.

The momentum required to effect a better outcome is simply not there.

Yes, there are fantastic organizations doing great things and we do not diminish their work or erode their achievements.

But, the fact that an entire government and the elected president of your country can ignore you and the well being of your family with such contempt and with such impunity and indifference – says a lot about the politicians.

But it says even more about us and perhaps quite a bit about our dear keyboard warrior.

We are not being effective – we are not united – we are not worth the trouble and we do not deserve to be taken seriously.

Ready for the truth?

Is this IRISH citizen doing more for you – than you are doing for yourself?

Listen to our shameful effort as experienced by the Curator of the White Cross Monument – Lita Fourie.

Interview by Danie van der Westhuizen with Lita Fourie

So what will you do now, dear keyboard warrior?

Learn how to become an activist

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