Wayne Giles (57) and his wife Janique Sapet Giles (56) were killed, and their daughter Rachel Giles (20) seriously injured when attackers raided their home at Fly Inn Estate near Olifantsfontein, east of Pretoria. While the country is still reeling from shock with the triple murder of the Brand family at Hartswater, we pray this is not another triple murder for South Africa.

On Tuesday 04 August 2020, a terrorized South Africa received a stark reminder that the scourge of brutal murders is not only limited to farms. Security estates have become popular havens for homeowners over the past 20 years, as violent crime under ANC rule increased and it became obvious the government does not concern itself with the safety of minorities.

Today’s murders however illustrate that these urban estates are no more secure from well-armed terrorists than a farm in a rural area, especially if the attackers are determined to destroy all lives on sight.

The Giles family. Source: Facebook

South Africa is under siege, by bloodlust terrorists as attacks increase daily.

Residents told how they rushed to the aid of the Giles family, after waking up to shots and when Brandon, the couple’s son made an emergency call on a WhatsApp group.

At 05:43 Brandon wrote: “Help !!! Gunfire. Security needed. ”

At 05:45: Rachel Giles (20) the couple’s daughter wrote: “Help. Armed intruders. ”

At 05:47 Rachel wrote: “I’ve been shot” and three minutes later “My mom too.”

Residents immediately informed the police and the local security company.

One of the residents Elize Jacobs, an ICU-nurse rushed to the house and found Wayne dead but his wife Janique still alive.

“Janique was lying at the platform part of the stairs, Rachel a few meters behind her in the corridor. I asked Janique if she could hear me. She said “yes”. I told her, ‘Stay with me. Keep breathing. ‘Brandon knelt beside his mother next to me. We cut open her pajama top. “There was a gunshot wound just below her heart,” Jacobs said.

Video: Elize Jacobs tells how they desperately tried to save the family

Source: Network 24

She and Brandon bandaged Janique. An anaesthetist who also lives on the estate, Dr. De Wet then arrived and tried to administer a drip on Janique.

“Then I saw she was no longer breathing. I started doing mouth to mouth while Dr. De Wet’s wife Susan performed cardiac compressions. I do not know for how long. It felt like an eternity and yet also like a moment. When the paramedics arrived, I attended to Rachel who was calm but in severe pain, ”says Jacobs.

Janique died a few minutes later. Her husband was already dead.

Their daughter Rachel a graduate from the University of Pretoria, was airlifted to a hospital for urgent treatment.

It is believed she is in a stable condition.

Rachel Giles (20) Source – Facebook

Arrests made for the murder of Wayne Giles and his wife Janique Giles

No arrests have been made.

It is believed, the attackers climbed over the boundary wall of the estate to gain access to the house and allegedly stole a few electronic devices after trying their best to first kill three people.

A television set, two Apple Macbooks and a laptop were stolen from the house.

Brig. Mathapelo Peters, provincial spokesperson for the Police said, they were investigating a case of murder, attempted murder, and burglary.

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