Fifty-Nine is an arbitrary, mundane number for most people in the world, except if you are South African. Fifty-Nine people, many women, are murdered in South Africa every day and for Marthie Rademeyer, Fifty-Nine Dollars was the mere value of her life.

On Sunday, 5 July 2020, at around 9 pm Marthie Rademeyer(44) and her husband Allan Wolmarans(54), had just closed their shop located North of Pretoria, between Pyramid and Hammanskraal. The shop is located some 300 meters from their home and Marthie was waiting for Allan at their vehicle when they were attacked.

Without warning or a grain of humanity, Marthie was shot in the face, and Allan kicked and bludgeoned in the face and head.

Despite Allan’s plea to help his wife, the attackers then robbed the couple of R1000 ($59 US Dollars).

Allan Wolmarans(54) in shock telling the gruesome story of his wife’s murder Source: Network 24

Meanwhile, Sarie Wolmarans, Allan’s mother who lives on the premises, heard the noises outside her kitchen window where the vehicles were parked. Thinking someone was stealing a vehicle she went to investigate. When the attackers confronted her, she pressed the panic button of the alarm system and they fled the scene.

The 90-years-old mother, then discovered Marthie where she was lying next to the vehicle bleeding from her face, and held Marthie in her arms while se died.

“It was a gruesome scene seeing my wife’s face like that” – said Allan

Arrests made for the murder of Marthie Rademeyer

No arrests have been made and the South African Police have so far failed to respond to any enquiries.

Marthie Rademeyer joins thousands of femicide victims in South Africa.

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