Raw sobs tore through the body of a fragile 77-year-old mother on Thursday 06 August 2020, when she told how the attackers took her to her son’s room to show her that he was dead. Minutes later, Lucy Lottering, who had a stroke in February, ran on the dusty road to her neighbor in the dark of night and shouted, “My son! My son! They shot my son dead! ”

Roelf Lottering (52) was killed by terrorists in his bed at around 1 pm on his farm in Rooiwal, north of Pretoria. He was shot three times in the arm and once in the heart. However, the trail of blood from his room, down the hall, and out the door is that of one of the attackers who was wounded, when Roelf returned fire.

An earlier photo of Roelf Lottering (52) from his identity document. Source: Stop Crime SA

This is the third attack in two years, the previous times they just chased them away, says Marius Pretorius, the neighbor from whom Lucy went to seek help. Pretorius says his dogs “went crazy” just before 01:30 am.

“I heard someone shout ‘Help me! Help me!’ I went out and saw Lucy at my gate.

“She shouted again, ‘My son. . . My son. . . They shot him dead. He’s dead! He is dead! ”

Pretorius immediately took her into his house and called the Pretoria North police. “They were here within minutes,” he sais.

“I will Never be able to forget her screams”

Lucy says there were three men. They pulled her out of her bedroom to the hallway. She was kicked and beaten. Her ribs still hurt, she said. Then the attackers said they will return shortly, and went to Roelf Lottering’s room.

Shortly after her son’s killers left, she ran into the dark to the neighbors. Pretorius says Lucy wanted to return to the house when the police arrived. She wanted to see her son again. However, the police did not want to allow her.

Blood trail in passage of home. Doorframes powdered for fingerprints

Later that morning after the police left, she sat on the porch, surrounded by friends, while her other children and grandchildren carried some of her clothes and other necessities out of the house.

Ferdie Lottering and Teresa Reid, his sister, were still so overwhelmed that they did not yet know where to go, only that their mother could not stay on the farm where she lived with their brother.

According to Ferdie, the attackers gained access to the stone house by breaking open the security gate and the front door and then attacked his mother. It looks like there was an exchange of gunshots” he says and turns away emotionally. Teresa Reid says their mother cried the whole time when they got there.

After everything was packed, two granddaughters helped their grandmother to Ferdie’s bakkie. She quietly climbed in. Sat for a few seconds, then the sobs tore through her petite body again. In the house, the women of a Crime Scene Cleaning company started scrubbing the floors. AfriForum sent them, as well as a trauma counselor. Meanwhile, members of the community and private security companies searched the area for the umpteenth time.

Juan du Plessis of the GAC Risk Solutions security company says that along with members of the Bidvest Protea Coin company, followed the tracks of the suspects.

“The blood trail led over a neighbor’s wall 2 meters high, but the blood later became less. We brought sniffer dogs and a helicopter and searched the field and various other sites – up to the water tank – for the wounded attacker and the other suspects. However, the tracks disappear at the tarmac.

“we will continue to search,” Du Plessis promised.”

Blood trail of attacker leading out the backdoor

Arrests made for the Attack

The attackers left with Lottering’s firearm, cash and cellphones.

It is not known if they are the same people who attacked, previously.

No arrests have been made.

Roelf Lottering joins thousands of hate crime victims in South Africa.

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