Thank God, some speak out about the atrocities in South Africa, playing out in full view of the world. Mostly the world watches in silence.

In 1994 the world celebrated the dawn of a new democracy in a great new experiment of multiculturalism. In political science, multiculturalism can be defined as a state’s capacity to effectively and efficiently deal with cultural plurality within its sovereign borders.

Multiculturalism as a political philosophy involves ideologies and policies which vary widely.

Yet, few observers knew then that the new ruling party, neither understood the responsibilities of governance nor had the competence to execute on the idea of multiculturalism in what was optimistically called the “Rainbow Nation”.

Like most African countries South Africa rapidly fell into the abyss of reverse racism, legalized discrimination, human rights violations, wide-scale corruption, looting of state assets, and the destruction of a once vibrant economy. Forever enriching only the lives of the top echelon of ANC rulers, promising socialism to their poor followers, while expediting the wealth of capitalism for themselves.

Politicians kept their impoverished followers loyal and distracted by espousing narratives to the in-group, which would ultimately ensure a disastrous outcome for the unnecessary out-groups.

Inconvenient out-groups, that would do better to flee to other countries or risk being driven into extinction.

While the world watches in silence.

The world for now at least has chosen to ignore this catastrophe as a forbidden and shameful subject while struggling to deal with their own inevitable future in the “great new experiment of multiculturalism”. Most countries and even mainstream media, have become completely silent on the subject of South Africa, as the lives of minorities are slowly, painfully, and viciously snuffed out.

Ashamed perhaps as they look the other way, while refusing intervention or relief for the desperate victims.

After all, nobody wants to be seen as a right wing activist or defending white people – right?

Fine we say – keep your liberal political views and keep on paying in BLOOD for your idealism.

Sleep peacefully at night – knowing the cost in innocent lives – men, women, and children that were raped, tortured, and suffered gruesome deaths while you watched with your arms folded. Paying with their lives for the luxury of the all-wise, all-knowing and all-good – to keep their delicate political correct views.

Exactly how are you different from the people that knew about Auschwitz, Treblinka, and Majdanek who just kept quiet?

How are you different – if you do nothing to stop it?

Some, sense-makers do speak out about the atrocity in South Africa playing itself out in full view of the world.


Senator Frazer Anning at a protest in Australia in support of the farmers being slaughtered in South Africa.


Barbara Pas of the Vlaams Belang party


Mark Dickson Of Canada


United Nations – Geneve, Switzerland

United States of America

On March 18, 2019, President Donald Trump brought attention to the plight of minorities in South Africa, with a tweet.

South Africa

Desmond Tutu Anglican archbishop and Nobel Prize for Peace laureate – speaks out on #corruption and #racism by the #ANC.

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