One could write volumes to try and describe the contemporary history of South Africa and to try and explain what happened to the Rainbow Nation. Alas, few would spend time reading the ghastly story of just another failed state in Africa, filled with corruption, racism, xenophobia, prejudice, hate-crime, human rights violations, and the horror that humans are capable of inflicting on each other. We have only heartfelt pity for the generations born after 1994 now burdened with trying to make sense of it all. Struggling with cognitive dissonance while trying to discover the truth from a myriad of half-truths, outright deception, and lies.

How to explain it all?

Perhaps words cannot tell the story.

We found this creative work by a videographer on Youtube – known only as Marang Bad. As hundreds of families flee the country every month to seek refuge and safety abroad, this artistic impression will perhaps be the only reflection younger generations growing up in other countries will have, when looking back at the failure of multiculturalism in their country of birth.

The artistic work includes the following disclaimer from the producer:
“This cross btw documentary & music video about South Africa mainly focuses on the plight of the white population, the imminent race-based land seizures, calls to violence/action against the farmers by various extremist political groups, and overall gruesome attacks as a means of educating and spreading awareness of the horrific situation due to that reality being denied all across mainstream media. While that’s the main focus the video deals with the state/fate of South Africa as a whole too as those are intertwined. I also want to make clear that this in no way endorses hatred or violence against anyone or blacks as a whole, as many of them suffer just as much under the corrupt government and by the acts of violent communist terrorists. This is also showcased in the video.”

WARNING – Graphic Content