One of the only crimes openly and publicly advocated and espoused by politicians in South Africa is the systematic extermination and alienation of white minorities. An example of this kind of hate-speech is that of Julius Malema, convicted in 2010 for hate speech by the Equality Court of South Africa when the “Shoot the Boer, Shoot the Farmer” song was ruled unconstitutional and unlawful. Julius Malema is a huge supporter of the political views of the communist authoritarian and now-deceased president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe.

We take a look as the disparage of some of the detractors of Robert Mugabe’s protégé – Julius Malema.

The Charles Carroll Society, based in the US is named after Charles Carroll, the only Catholic who signed the U.S. Declaration of Independence and offer the following observations.

Last week Zimbabwe’s embassy in South Africa hit back hard after Julius Malema lambasted President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government for its decision to compensate white farmers who were dispossessed of land during a controversial land reform process.

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The Pretoria-based embassy led by Ambassador David Hamadziripi, said it has previously restrained itself from responding to many “provocative statements issued by the EFF about Zimbabwe”.

“On this occasion, we cannot remain silent in the face of the EFF’s pretentiousness to know more about the history and politics of Zimbabwe than the Zimbabweans themselves. Even more, the EFF has the audacity to dare teach Zimbabweans, even our head of state about the land question in our country,” it said in a strongly-worded statement.

One Zimbabwean commentator calling himself the Civilian President of Zimbabwe – Tinashe Jonas, had this message for the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters:

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